Must visit destinations in India

India is a big country and there are many must visit destinations in India. There are some amazing cities which one need to explore to understand better India. Some famous Indian cities like Delhi, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Kerala, Goa and Kolkata etc. these are just few name but still there lot more to explore. So let’s begin our reading to understand some facts about India’s must visit destinations.  Bella
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Delhi is the heart of India. It is the capital and major city which is famous for many things. Firstly, it is famous for street food, modern life, tradition, people, monuments, infrastructure, markets, International Airport etc. Secondly, this city is popular for employment and businesses. Thirdly, it is known for Government offices, Embassy, Parliament and education. Moreover, Most of the international flights arrive and departs from Delhi. So, it is a must visit destination.


Rajasthan is the most famous tourist destinations of India. The rajputana of yore, set amidst the great thar has a history rich in chivalry and valour. In this land of superlatives everything- The people, customs, culture, costumes manners, and even its cuisine is mesmerising. Its relics, ruins and romances speak of the past life of the land. 

This state of India is popular for many reasons. Firstly, It shows the real life of desert where, how people have learnt that how to survive with nature because in Rajasthan there was a shortage of water and because of that people had to change their lifestyle. Secondly, the local people still follow old traditions, which will amaze you to think about the past life of this amazing land. Thirdly, the mouth-watering cuisine of Rajasthan will definitely thrill your taste buds. Finally, these people always love to welcome all tourists and if you are lucky you can get a chance to visit their house as well.

Agra (Must visit destinations in India)

Agra is a small city which is popular for Taj mahal and Agra Fort. Both are Heritage sites and most visited places in India. This amazing city is also famous for sweets and marbles paintings. A trip is incomplete without visiting this city because this place has an amazing history. 

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Kerala (Must visit destinations in India)

Kerala is the spice city of India. This city is popular for India spices, backwater, Ayurveda and massage. If you plan a trip to south India then it is a must visit destination. This city has beautiful churches, temples and Jewish Synagogue as well. People of Kerala are quite friendly and simple. Once you land there you will feel the essence of Indian spices. 


Mumbai is a very busy city. People say, it never sleep. This city has beautiful old building and monument with amazing history. The name Mumbai came from ‘’ Mumba Devi’’ (Indian Goddess). It has many Bar, pubs, disco, Hotels and markets. There is an international airport as well. 

Goa (Must visit destinations in India)

Goa is a beach city or state of India. It has beautiful beaches, nice roads, coconut plantations, churches, temples and the famous Old Portuguese houses. This destination is very popular in India and full of people during Christmas and New Year. North Goa is quite busy but on the other hand south Goa is calm and relax place.


The religious capital of India is Varanasi. It is super popular in the whole world. You can find here peace, love, truth, life, death and moksha. You can get all answers here. This place is packed with temples and saints. The most popular thing here is Ganges, a life giving Holy River. Don’t miss this place if you are travelling to India.

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Lakshadweep (island)

It is a beautiful with sand beach, where you can spend quality time with you family and loved one. You can reach there by taking a flight from Cochin to Aggati then need to take a speed boat. Please don’t forget to permission from concern authorities because foreigners are not allowed to go there without permission.

Must visit destinations in India

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