Indian Culture

Indian Culture is known as a rainbow in the sky. India has potential to amaze any traveler who come first time in India, the more you travel to India the more you fall in love , Imagine a country full of color, full of different culture, language, food, traditions, Dresses, festivals. It is a country of amazing blend of cultures. Indian cities are the best avenues to witness this stunning diversity of culture. So let us explore some Indian cities or states where we find the culture differences which will surly amaze you.

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Pink city Jaipur , Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the most famous state of India. Royal lifestyle of Rajasthan is a very popular for its culture and diversity of tradition. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan which is known as Pink City, One can explore many beautiful tourist places in Jaipur. This city shows the unique culture of Rajasthan through its cuisine, textiles, and lifestyle. Rajasthan is not only famous for Jaipur but you can explore here some amazing city like  Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur , Mandawa and Pushkar. Rajasthan is also very famous for its hospitality and traditional values.

The products which rajasthan makes are Bandhani prints, local food, Mojris Art, and local handicraft. Jaipur was an important centre of several kingdoms in the past. Many beautiful monuments and forts can be observed through the numerous palaces. The architecture marvels like the Hawa Mahal ,Amer Fort, Albert Hall ,Jal Mahal and the Panna Meena ka Kund not to miss, if you visit Jaipur. This state is also famous because of its national park and wildlife and jungle safaris.

A religious city of Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi

Varanasi is an amazing city of India. It is also popular as the religious city of India. Your visit to India is incomplete without Varanasi. It is the cultural gems of the country and it has an elaborate history and high importance in Hindu mythology. This is one of the oldest city in the world, and has many religious places, where devotees coming from across the world, to visit the most sacred river Ganges which flows here and the Ganga Aarti (ceremony) at the Dashashwamedh ghat is an awesome inspiring ceremony held every day.

The streets of Varanasi will remind you the life of 70’s. Besides, a boat ride through the waters of Ganges during sunrise and sunset is an unforgettable experience. In short Varanasi is the unique place where you find the life and the death. Your will get all answers of your question which you keep in your mind from childhood. So what are you waiting for, come and visit this amazing city.

Fort Cochin, Kerala

Fort kochi is amazing place for spice lovers. A city where one can enjoy the real south Indian cuisine and authentic culture. It is the most culturally rich city in Kerala. It was a centre of many foreign rulers like French, Dutch and Portuguese, which has left amazing impressions all over the city in the form of constructions. You will fall in love of this beautiful city because it offers many tourist activities like Villlage visit, spice garden visit, Trekking, Fishing and Ayurveda is the key of South India.

If you love caring of your body, you must visit any Ayurveda centre in Kerala. The main attractions include Jewish Synagogue, Mattancherry Palace, Indo-Portuguese Museum, and the Jew town. Here markets are great avenues to pick up handicraft pieces, jewellery, spices, and homemade textile. Kerala is also very famous for its yoga and meditation centres and it is also well known for Ayurvedic cure. There are many places there where you can enjoy backwater.

Beach City, Goa

Goa is one of the unique place where you can see beautiful beaches. It is a beach state of Southern India. It was a Portuguese colony. There are numerous beautiful beaches, discotheques and great hangout retreats. Tourists from worldwide appreciate the rich hospitality and the free-spirit culture one can find here.

The folk music, the local drink Feni (kind of wine), and the handicraft scene is worth exploring. Besides, the place is also famous for cashews. Best time to travel to is from November till February. Most of the tourists go to Goa for celebrating Christmas and New Year. So if you plan to travel to Goa book everything in advance because in December most of the hotel and resorts are full and flight price became super expensive.

A City of Joy, Kolkata

Kolkata is known as the City of Joy and also the Cultural Capital of India. Kolkata is very famous for Mother Teresa social and some Ashrams which help the poor people. It is one of those urban cities in the country that is also a global spot for cultural heritage and artistic influence. It was the Capital of the British Empire and still colonial influence in some of the pockets.

The biggest and joyful festival of the Bengalis is Durga Puja. It is the real and rare visual treat to all those who witness it. In this city there are many museums and art galleries which preserve the rich heritage of Bengal, including the 200-year-old Indian Museum. Kolkata has a wide range of sweet dishes and local food. Bengali people love to eat sweet dishes, white Rosgulla is very famous sweet dish of Kolkata or Bengal. There are still many beautiful cities in India where you can experience the real culture of India, So what are you waiting for Book your Tour Now and please contact us for any query. We are happy to help you.

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Indian Culture