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Travel agency in India, Bella India Tours was founded in 2009. Our travel agency is based in New Delhi City which is the capital of India and supports 20 branch locations throughout India. There are three reasons why to choose Bella India Tours. Firstly, we have an excellent network of local agents in all local destinations of India. Secondly, today, over 300 professionals and Travel advisors makes up the Bella India Tours a valuable organization and most trustworthy travel agency in India. Thirdly, our team is expertise in destination management, international faring and competitive products. Finally, the superior network of contacts in the airline, hotel, makes us one of the most powerful selling forces in the travel industry. Our insight and experience help ensuring that each trip is unique, stress-free, and memorable. 

Being an expert and unique travel agency in India, we do offer amazing tour package for all kind of traveler which includes awesome tourism services. In addition, our expert team takes care of every single guest who book with us. However, we also do care of people who are in just search of information about Indian travel destination and tour packages. Moreover, people who just want some basic information about India and what to explore, they can simply navigate our website. In short, Bella India Tour is a kind of travel agency in India, where you can get all travel solution at one point. In conclusion, you can choose Bella India Tours as your travel adviser for your upcoming travel in India or abroad.

Our Best Tour Ideas

Golden Triangle with Varanasi. 09Nights - 10 Days
Rajasthan and Varanasi Tour. 12Nights - 13 Days
Golden Triangle Tour ........... 06Nights - 07 Days
Classic Trip of North India... 14Nights - 15 Days
Golden Triangle with Goa.... 12Nights - 13 Days
Amazing South India Tour... 11Nights - 12 Days
The Complete Rajasthan...... 17Nights - 18 Days
North and South India Tour... 13Nights - 14 Days

Why Bella India Tours

Firstly, we Bella India Tours are best travel agency in India regarding Indian Tourism to maximize travel savings, plan meetings, conferences and enjoy spectacular vacations. Secondly, we have 10 year experience of Indian Tourism and we can customize any program or itinerary according to your requirement and budget. Thirdly, our highly experienced travel professionals will always coordinate each and every aspect of your trip. Moreover, we create every tour package with extra care so our guest can enjoy and feel the destination beyond ordinary experience. 

As we are the master of Indian tourism industry, so we have a great connection with all reputed hotels and local travel guides. Our transport services are just amazing which includes neat and clean car, punctual drivers, brand new cars, safety equipment in car etc. In addition, booking a trip with us can provide you a huge discount throughout the year. Finally, we believe in perfection and our motive is to make your journey successful.

Best City Tours

Mumbai City Tour
Delhi City Tour
Goa City Tour
Jaipur City Tour

Our Services

Moreover, the best part of our Team is that we are available 24 x 7 social media like FACEBOOK etc. Our services include, Firstly, a warm welcome upon arrival. Secondly, we take care of all arrival and departure from the starting till final departure. Thirdly, our team has experienced tour Guides, drivers, WIFI in car. Fourthly, you will get all detail of program and destinations. Finally, we provide a complimentary mobile with local SIM card, which you can carry during the whole trip. In addition, along with these services we also provide Taxi, private car, Airport Transfer and departure, Language guides, English speaking Drivers, Transport and any kind of car from basic to luxury according to the need. We are just a call away from you, so what are you waiting for.

Transportation Bookings

Bella India Tours is popular for presenting the best transport services for its customers with safety, convenient and affordable. We help the clients to manage your entire transport related query with the help of team expert. You can connect with us through our website or mobile number given on website. We have come up with an exclusive platform for the customers to get a trouble free and affordable transport services with expert drivers in any locations around the nation. BIT believe in offering best service quality to the customers at any location within India and outside as well. We are serving in more than 43 cities with our awesome vehicles and professional drivers. The major transport booking locations for transport services in Delhi, Mumbai, JAIPUR, Goa, Kerala, Chennai, Rajasthan and Kolkata etc.

Hotel Bookings

Bella India Tours has a wide range of luxury and budget hotels. We chose the best hotels in India with world class services. BIT offers you not only a stay option, but an experience on your budget to enjoy the luxury. In short, we make sure all hotels are safe, hygienic, comfortable and easily accessible when it comes to location. Book your hotel with Bella India Tours and don’t forget to take a fantastic hotel offer to save a lot on your stay.

Moreover, if you want to book hotels with Bella India Tours, you can choose from 300 hotels available. In fact, Bella India Tours makes it an easy process to search for hotels in various categories. Whether you are a business traveler or on a family trip, Bella India Tours will suit you amazing options. However, there are plenty of affordable hotels and couples to choose from. In addition, you can make use of attractive offers including 10% and more discounts when booking hotels online. In addition, there are several affordable, mid-range and luxury options in Delhi.

Train and Bus ticket Booking

Bella India Tours provides an awesome travel experience, which has now launched online bus booking services covering 25 states. Moreover, you can book train tickets with us but please remember that train ticket must be booked within 120 days before departure. You may also book for business class and flight ticket booking. Customers will be able to book their choice of buses with seat selection sitting in the comfort of their homes via our website. We have tied up with more than 20 private bus operator covering 25 states for providing online bus booking services.

Family Trips

Bella India Tours the best family vacation organizer takes into account everyone’s priorities: kids want to swim, mom and dad want to relax, everyone wants to spend quality time together, and nobody wants to get bored. With that in mind, your whole family can be behind these family holiday destinations with Bella India Tours, which are oriented towards families traveling with children.
However, not all families like the same things, so Bella India Tours always looks for destinations for all tastes. Whether it’s your beach villages, getaways, it doesn’t matter if your idea of fun is an all-inclusive resort or a floating house that you drive through the waters yourself. Bella India Tours tries to make kids happy, which makes mom and dad happy, and you can find a place you want to visit and come back to visit these places over and over again.


Business Trips

Bella India Tours organizes corporate events in many different forms and functions, including meetings and greetings or work. Our corporate events often offer networking and marketing opportunities and the opportunity to meet your colleagues face-to-face during instructional training. Incentive trips are business trips provided through Bella India Tours that are designed to motivate employees, usually to achieve a goal. A company-sponsored trip to an attractive destination not only offers a great reward, but also inspires the company’s loyalty. In turn, the employee is encouraged, a networking opportunity and an awesome incentive!

Honeymoon Travel

Our honeymoon tour packages keep in mind every aspect of a traveler need, so you enjoy the honeymoon you have always dreamed. With Bella India Tours you can pick from some of the best honeymoon destinations in the world like Goa, Venice, AMALFI coast, Thailand, KASHMIR. For a truly romantic honeymoon, we recommend honeymoon packages that will take you to amazing destinations like Italy, Thailand, Maldives and Switzerland etc.

Group Travel

Let’s understand with the answer to the question “What exactly are group travels?” A group tour means a group of traveler who want to experience the destination together with others with a common interest. The group trips of Bella India Tours are an excellent option since the traveler just has to register and everything else is serviced. Don’t worry about finding accommodation, driving, parking, where to eat or what to do. In addition, people participating in group tours also have the benefit of tour guides and group leaders. There is always someone on the trip who is responsible for making sure that everyone is accounted for, takes care of any problems that may arise and knows the locations. Finally, we advise all readers to contact us to get the best tour packages for groups

Leisure Travel

A pleasure trip refers to the purpose and purpose of a visit. Trips (visits) for leisure, recreation and holidays outside the usual environment are mainly made for relaxation. It is the visitor who decides to take the tourist trip as an activity unrelated to his/her occupation, and the trip is usually financed with national funds. In the Bella India Tours survey all trips that do not fall under the category of ‘business trips/ congresses’ are considered pleasure trips. In addition, this category includes trips to your holiday home, visits to friends and family, as well as leisure cruises and one-day visits.

Educational Travel

Your international educational travel program advisor starts with the Bella India Tour specialist. Our team will work with you to select or create an itinerary that perfectly fits your educational goals, travel style and idea of fun. The program consultants are with you every step of the way until you get on the plane. Do you have questions about how to recruit or structure tour time? Contact your tour advisor. Do you have any other questions? Contact them again (in Bella India Tours we had program consultants who forged such strong friendships with their group leaders who attended their weddings). Working so closely, a good program advisor will know which tour manager to recommend, what style of hotel would be a good match, and what activities could work well during their leisure time exploring the tour.

Medical Travel

Medical tourism is when a person goes to another country to receive medical treatment. Every year, millions of American residents participate in medical tourism. Medical tourists from the Arab world often travel to India and Thailand. People can travel to another country to receive medical care for many reasons, including. To receive treatment or a procedure that may be more convenient in another country. Receive the attention of a health care provider who shares the culture and language of the traveler. People travel to get a procedure or therapy that is not available in another world. The most common procedures that people undergo on medical travel include dental care, surgery, cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, organ and tissue transplantation, and cancer treatment.

Tour Guide Services

The guides are a mediator between tourists and destination. With their experience, they offer a laser approach in tourism, bringing tourists to exclusive places, which are beyond the normal range. They tell stories, legends, anecdotes and other interesting site curiosities to tourists. In short, they bring the heritage structure or a monument to life. Never feel like a foreigner in India in the company of a guide. In addition, personal guides help tourists in all different ways so that the route is liberating, exciting and memorable. Hiring a guide for a trip to India is a great service to experience the country in contrast in an essentially new way. Guides are professionally well-versed people with a tourist destination. Proficient in foreign languages, they are courteous, educated and competent professionals who help a traveler explore the country.


Our Team

Bella India Tours consulting teams work with customers on a wide range of topics including strategy, people and organization, sales and distribution. We also manage travel operations, digital operations, business transformation, digital transformation, price and revenue management, and social impact and sustainability. Based on our customers query, Bella India Tours offers support services to help them achieve their tourism and business development goals. Today, we are well established in the field of tourism representation and promotion with over 11 years of experience and a global presence in 15 countries. We currently offer tourist and commercial support services to several national tourist authorities of our customers, assisting them in a wide range of promotional activities for their respective destinations.

What to explore in India

It’s so hard to write this post and reduce my favorite posts here, but I do wonder about the best places to visit in India readers and usually send an email to my favorites, so I thought I should put on a blog post. There are epic tourist sites in India that are worth seeing, but there are also some smaller towns that I loved going to and had incredible experiences in. It’s not just about seeing the famous places of India; it’s about having interesting experiences there – doing visits, cooking classes, getting massages, everything! You can fill all your time with fortresses, palaces and historic sites in India, but make sure you really look around and see the beauty and get out and explore it! If you like advice, read on how to travel to India which literally covers everything.
From tea camps to beaches, I spent five years traveling through this amazing country – here are my favorites for travelers who have no choice but to limit their destinations. I will give you some travel tips at the end of the article as well. I won’t say much about every place – you can click on each of them to read more details of my blog posts about them. There are some top place to explore in this amazing country India like, Delhi, JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Kerala, Goa and Kashmir etc

Question and Answers

Best time to visit India

The Best time to explore India is from January to May and August till May. However, one can visit India whole year because rainy season has lot more to offer.

Best places to explore in India

Best places to explore in India are Delhi, Goa, RAJASTHAN, Udaipur, JAIPUR, Agra, Mumbai, Kerala and Kolkata etc

What to eat in India

Indian food is famous worldwide for its spices and varieties. It is a unique cuisine that has its own blend of spices, ingredients and charm. If you are lucky enough to travel to India, you can taste these dishes for yourself and see how centuries of skill and culture has shaped the food in India. The food served in northern India is completely different than in southern India. This is the same for eastern India and western India as well. And if you are going to stay in a family home, you can get the touch of ‘GHAR ka KHANA (HOME MADE FOOD)’, which means home cooking. On the other hand, North India is popular for some awesome cuisine.

What to buy in India

There are many things to buy in India, but here are few things which one should not miss while traveling to India like Spices, SARI, Clothes, Silver, Gold, perfumes, leather goods and local handicraft.

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