Jungle Safari in India

Jungle safari in India, India is an amazing country for jungle safari because it has 104 national parks and 503 Bird sanctuaries. If you are a nature lover then India is the best place for you. It is also known for its superb cultural heritage, cuisine, spices, beaches, monuments and exciting wildlife destinations in the world. In addition, you can explore amazing variety of wildlife like Indian Elephants, Asiatic lions and Bengal Tigers in Corbett national park and Ranthambore National Park. There is much more to explore and discover in Indian Wildlife tours. 

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Destinations for Jungle Safari in India

1 Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

Ranthambore National Park is in Sawai Madhopur on Aravalli and Vindhya mountain range. It is the fantastic National Park to view Indian tiger and wildlife. The park covers an area of approximately 400 sq Km and combines with the area of Sawai Mansingh sanctuary, which is around 500 Sq km. This national park was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1957 and it became the National Park in 1981.

However, the National Park and Tiger Reserve was once a private reserve of the royal family of Jaipur. Apart from the tiger, other wildlife in the park includes sloth bear, leopard, jackal, fox, hyena, Indian wolf, deer, blue bull and antelope.

This park is mainly famous for three reasons. Firstly, it offers excellent accommodation and internal transportation facilities. Secondly, the park remains open from October to May and it is famous for the exciting and frequent tiger sightings. Thirdly, this National park is a perfect location for wildlife enthusiast and Photographer’s. One can reach there with car or train. It is 155 km far from Jaipur.

2 Sasan Gir wildlife,Gujarat

Sasan Gir National Park in Gujarat is a unique place to see Asiatic lions. The real discovery channel of India is approximately 65 Km South East of Junagarh District. Moreover, the Government established the largest geographical extent of Sasan Gir as wildlife sanctuary on 18th September 1965 in order to protect the Asiatic Lions. However, it lies on the south western fringes of the Saurashtra Peninsula (west-central India). Most importantly, it is the home of around 300 Asiatic lions. In addition, the vegetation in the area consists of teak wood, including sal (Shorea), dhak (Butea frondosa) and thorn forests. Overall it is a perfect place for wildlife safaris and photography.

Important information about park

Firstly, this National Park is the only place in the world outside the African continent where one can see Asiatic lion in its natural habitat and is slightly smaller than African. Secondly, the forest is also the home of different species like leopard, chital, wild boar,
wild ass, deer, monkeys, parrots and India’s national bird, the peacock. Most
importantly, For Jungle safari one needs to take a permit in advance at least 15 days before embarking. However you can take Permits online or through local travel agent at the Sinh Sadan Forest Lodge office. Jeeps and minibuses are available for touring the forest.

3 Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India. It is in the Nainital district and popular as Jim Corbett (a well known hunter and naturalist). It covers an area of 1318 sq km in which 500 sq km is the main area and rest of part is the buffer zone. The park is protected for Bengal tigers of India.

This park is spreads over wide-ranging landscape comprising rivers, forests and mountains. The national park has geographical and ecological features of sub Himalayan belt. It is an excellent Eco tourism destination and it has approx 490 different species of plants. Moreover, the park is the perfect place for bird enthusiasts.

In addition the natural water holes, the dense jungles, the Ramganga River make the park a fantastic habitat for the tiger, which offers a complete adequate location at the foothills of the Himalayas. The National Park is a haven for the one who love wildlife. There is a huge population of ‘Royal Bengal Tigers’ and the park is one of the astonishing places to spot Indian wildlife.

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4 Bandhavgarh Natinal park, Madhya Pradesh

Bandhavgarh National Park is in the state of Madhya Pradesh. This bio diverse park is known for its large population of royal Bengal tigers however other animals also can be seen like white tigers, leopards and deer. The main zones of this national park are Khitauli, Tala, Magdhi and Panpatta. Tala is the best zone in terms of biodiversity.

It became the National park in 1968 and the topography of this park supports moist deciduous forest, woodlands, scrub-thorn arid forests, grasslands, tropical forests, tropical forest, rocky hills, rocks, plateaus, meadows and valleys. The total area of this National park is about 448.85 km squares. There are 30 hills in central part of the national park, which has a large natural fort.

5 Periyar wildlife Sanctuary, Periyar

The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park is situated on the bank of Periyar Lake. This wildlife is in the Idukki and Pathanamthitta districts of Kerala. The wildlife sanctuary is also popular for its elephant and Tiger reserve. The total area of this wildlife is around 930 sq km and this park is popular as Periyar wild life sanctuary or Thekkady. The sanctuary is also well known for its tiger population.

The Project Elephant mission was launched in 1991 and later it became the Elephant Reserve. You will be able to explore here around 35 species of mammals like Bengal tiger, wild pig, Indian giant squirrel, Indian elephant, jungle cat etc. The sanctuary has also bird population Around 265 species at present. Common birds like Malabar grey hornbill, Nilgiri flycatcher etc. If you are lucky, then you may also see rare species like black baza and Nilgiri thrush etc.

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Jungle Safari in India

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