Delhi City Tour

Delhi City Tour, after arriving at New Delhi International Airport (IGI). You follow the immigration formalities then after collecting your luggage and proceeding to your Delhi hotel. Upon arrival at the hotel, then proceed for check in at the hotel. Usually Check-in time at the hotel 1400 hours and Check-out 1200 hours. Importantly, remember that 90% of flights from Italy land early in the morning (between 2:00 am – 4:00 am).

‘Delhi’ is the Capital of India ‘and an important gateway to the country. It is a beautiful city and there are so many things to explore. In Delhi you may visit Monuments, Markets, Bazaars, Museums, Parks and Temples. In addition, Delhi is a city where you can survive from 5 to 500 Euros a day so it is a city for everyone. However, almost many Delhi residents are not from Delhi. In addition, every day people come to Delhi from neighbor cities only for work. In the evening they return through metro, train or minibus. Above all, Delhi City Tour is for everyone. Let’s explore what to see during Delhi City Tour in Two Days.

This City tour needs minimum two days. But it can be done in a full day, but you have to hurry up often and you also have to skip some stages so we suggest you do this excursion in two full days if you have enough time available.


Day 1 Delhi City Tour

After breakfast the day starts at 9:00 am or 10:00 am (It depends on flight timing and you). This day we shall visit old and Central Delhi, the Red Fort (outdoor photo stop), JAMA Mosque, CHANDNI CHOWLK and Raj GHAT, GURUDWARA BANGLA SAHIB, Cp. In the 19th century, the emperor of the MUGHAL dynasty, Shah JAHAN, named Delhi as his capital SHAHJAHANABAD (old name of old Delhi). Let’s explore Delhi city tour and its destinations to visit.

JAMA MASJID (Mosque) (Stop 1)

JAMA MASJID (the mosque) is the largest and best known mosque in India. This mosque is in front of the red fort and up to the market and old town of CHANDNI CHOWLK. However, it is one of the busiest areas of Delhi for pilgrims and tourists. The best time to visit this mosque is early in the morning because during the day there are many tourists coming through various countries and local as well. Please note that if you carry a mobile inside you need to pay small fee and also if you carry a photo camera then also there is a fee. We advise carry only (1) mobile and keep others in car. Moreover, please do remember from which gate you are entering because there are many entrances. Moreover, please avoid speaking with unknown people inside the mosque and avid taking picture of ladies.

Red Fort (Stop 2)

Shah JAHAN also built The Red Fort in the same century and it took almost 9 years to build this structure with 10 million Indian rupees. We advise all visitors to just take outside Photo stops only because its will take around 2 to 3 hours. But If you have two or three days in Delhi, then you can visit Red fort from Inside. There are many things to see inside fort like Museum for arms, small market and beautiful old palace etc. The best way to admire this fort is to just take a round around it. You can walk up to 500 meter and take amazing pictures. During Delhi City Tour it is one of the most important destinations which everyone must visit. Finally, we advise all travelers to keep you stay away for unknown people as this area is full of tourists.

CHANDNI CHOWK(Market) (Stop 3)

The CHANDNI CHOWK Market According to legend, the CHANDNI CHOWK Market was established during the reign of MUGAL Emperor Shah JAHAN. In addition, it is an extraordinary market where you buy the necessary things such as, spices, fabrics, nuts, 1000 other things. This market is just awesome for shopping lovers. Basically, it is very popular market around the world for buying spices and clothes for ladies or wedding clothes. It is one of the places not to miss while doing Delhi city tour. Our team advises all travelers to visit this market early morning as after 12:00 am it will be full of buyers till 10:00 pm. Please keep all expensive things in car as you may meet some pick-pocketers. It will take around 1 hour to visit this market, our team advises you to buy spice as it is very cheap compare to other countries.

RAJ GHAT (Stop 4)

Raj GHAT, This is Mahatma Gandhi’s resting place. This place is known for the man who is known as the Father of the Nation and His tireless work to regain India’s independence. It is popular among domestic and international tourists. Moreover, it is a symbol of peace for peace lover. It has a glorious India history. If you need to learn more about biography of Mahatma Gandhi, this is the best place. There is a very nice garden where many tourists come and sit and pray for souls. The whole visit here will take around less than 45 minutes. Raj GHAT is not far from Red forts and CHANDNI CHOWK, so it worth visit if you visit these places. In addition, India got freedom because of MAHATMA GANDHI’S and other freedom fighters effort, so it has more importance for Indian and foreigners as well.


GURUDWARA BANGLA Sahib is very important for Sikh community in Delhi. This is a religious place which is near (Central Delhi). However, this Indian community is very popular for charity or donation or for offering free food every day to anyone. You can help them to cook or help people. It is a wonderful place to understand Indian culture and tradition. You can see their many milliner people who serve like normal people or like they have nothing to lose. The best part of this place is you can help people there like keeping their shoes in racks, or serving food to visitors or helping in cooking. There are some simple traditional rules which everyone need to follow. One just needs to cover head with a scarf for both man and women. Please don’t make noise and maintain peace.

Connaught Palace, PALIKA Bazaar (Stop 6)

Later you can visit the Center of Delhi which is popular as CP. It is famous for shopping and eating. Moreover, there are some famous Bars and you may also visit here JANPATH Market and PALIKA Bazaar which is located under the Central Park. It is a wonderful place for hangout with friend and families. Many people just roam around without any reason. You can do shopping here because there are some brands and also two amazing markets PALIKA BAZAAR AND JANPATH market. This place is full of bars and restaurant which makes you evening perfect. We advise our visitors to enjoy you dinner in any of restaurant or at any street stall. It has a great connectivity through metro. Moreover, all Delhi Metro line meets here because of importance of this place.

Delhi-city-tour- 2

Day 2 Delhi City Tour


After breakfast the day starts at 9:00 am. This day we shall visit Qutub MINAR, INDIA Gate, Parliament House, HUMAYUN Tomb.

QUTAB-MINAR is built with red sandstone and is the tallest tower in India. Built in the 13th century, the magnificent tower is in the capital, it is an architectural marvel of ancient India. The complex has a number of other important monuments such as the gate, the Alai DARWAZA, the QUWWAT-UL-Islam Mosque; the tombs of ALTAMISH, Ala-UD-din KHALJI and Imam ZAMIN. This place is one of the top destinations and monument of Delhi. It has a glorious history and people say it was a Hindu temple as you can see the remarks on the monument. One need around an hour to visit this monument and it is advisable to take a tourist guide because it has amazing history.

India Gate

India Gate, the Gate of India is a famous national monument of India also known as the “All India War Memorial”. It was made to commemorate the soldiers of the British Indian Army who died for the country in the First World War and the Third Anglo-Afghan War. This is made of sandstone and granite. The height of the India gate is about 42 meters and names of the soldiers who died in the war. The inspiration for its design came from the Arc de TRIOMPHE in Paris. Before independence there were some British statues in front of the gate of India. This place is world-wide popular as it is the witness of 26th January parade which is Indian Republic day. Usually people come here to remember brave soldiers and spend some valuable time with friends.


HUMAYUN Tomb, HUMAYUN,S Tomb is one of the most beautiful historical monuments in Delhi. HUMAYUN’S Tomb is a landmark in the development of MUGHAL architecture and also represents the earliest extant example of the MUGHAL garden tomb scheme, with causeways and canals. It is a well specimen of the double-dome elevation with large-scale kiosks. BIGA Begum built the tomb of HUMAYUN, who was India’s second MUGHAL emperor, in 1569-70, 14 years later, his death, at a cost of 1.5 million rupees. The architect was MIRAK MIRZA GHIYATH. It was later in use for the burial of various members of the ruling family and contains around 150 tombs.

Note- If you wish and you have time then you can visit a market ‘’Sarojini  Nagar’’ o Khan Market.

After sightseeing in Delhi, return to the hotel

Overnight at the hotel in Delhi


Other place to explore in Delhi City Tour


JANPATH is a beautiful representation of one of the most beautiful things in Delhi. From the Tibetan Market to Gujarati Market, luxury shops, flea market and Cottage Industries Central Emporium, every corner offers an incredible shopping experience, unlike any other. The JANPATH Flea Market is reminiscent of SAROJINI, but has its own character. Being in the best place, this market is full of tourists during evening time. Artisans are so skilled at coping with foreigners staying at the Imperial and out for an afternoon stroll as they are with NIFT Ditzy students looking for some inspiration, and their warmth {whether genuine or well rehearsed, only a few can say}He’ll put a smile on his face, even if he ends up emptying his wallet.


SAROJINI Nagar Market is also popular as S. N among Delhi’s people. It was created during the 1950s as a local market to meet the daily needs of the residents of the SAROJINI Nagar Government Colony, as the staff of the Central Government of India, as well as state government personnel who received a DDA apartment in this colony during the early 1950s. Another attraction of SAROJINI Nagar Market is the availability of branded products at a cheaper price sold here. These are surplus export quality garments that are not exported and sold to various merchants at a wholesale price to dispose of and, in turn, these merchants sell them here at an affordable price. One can negotiate with street traders to come up with a reasonable price that is satisfactory for you and for the trader too.


The structure of AKSHARDHAM consists of 234 pillars, 9 shiny domes, 20 four-sided towers and over 20,000 figures representing themes from Indian mythology. ¡ There are over 148 statues of a single elephant! Every night there is a laser show with dancing fountains on the AKSHARDHAM terrain. The temple complex occupies 12 hectares of land and includes the temple itself, several parks, a museum, a large cultural center. Here you can learn about Indian traditions and customs, water canals, which can be crossed by boats, and many cafes and souvenir shops. The outer surface of the temple is faced with pink sandstone, while the inner surface is covered with white marble. In India, pink symbolizes love of God, and white symbolizes absolute purity and peace.


JANTAR MANTAR is a collection of architectural astronomical instruments, built by Maharaja Jai Singh II in his then new capital, JAIPUR, between 1727 and 1733. It is modeled after that that he had built for him in the then MUGHAL capital of Delhi. He had built a total of five such laboratories at various locations, including those in Delhi and JAIPUR. The observatory consists of fourteen large geometric devices to measure time, predict eclipses, track stars in their orbits, verify planet declinations, and determine celestial altitudes and related ephemeris. Each is a fixed and focused tool. THE SAMRAT CENA, the largest instrument, is 90 feet tall, its shadow carefully drawn to tell the time of day. His face is angled at 27 degrees, the latitude of JAIPUR.


The monument was built as a garden tomb in the traditional style of Char Bagh – the main mausoleum standing in the middle of a huge complex with gardens on all sides. The central tomb has a huge vault on the top. It contains two graves, one of SAFDARJUNG and the other is believed to be his wife. There are four narrow oblong canals with fountains ranging from the central building to four pavilions on the sides. One of the pavilions serves as an ornamentally carved gateway to the main structure, while the others – MOTI MAHAL (Pearl Palace), JANGLI MAHAL (Sylvan Palace) & BADSHAH PASAND (the emperor’s favorite) have rooms built into its walls and served as accommodations. The upper floor of the mausoleum also houses the Indian Archaeological Survey office.


This market is very popular among foreigners, expatriates and diplomats due to its availability of all kinds of food that sometimes are not even found in large stores. From the entrance itself you can see some fruits and grocery stores where you can get varieties of fresh imported exotic fruits and canned food items from different parts of the world. Most of the brands here are unknown to many city residents as they don’t usually buy these goods. Once inside, you find the true madness of the Indian market, with shops that sell almost everything other markets may or may not have; it’s really a one-stop shopping area. The only limiting factor is price, but, again, it is a small price to pay for convenience.

Delhi University and KAMLA Nagar Market

It is located near the North Delhi University Campus area and opposite Hans Raj College and near the popular GHANTA GHAR SUBZI MANDI. Historically, KAMLA Nagar developed mainly as an affluent residential area during the 1950s, however due to its proximity to the Delhi University Campus, Entrepreneurs and merchants have developed a huge nearby market to meet the daily needs of residents as well as students. Today, the KAMLA Nagar Market houses a mix of international branded shops as well as dotted Indian shops along the famous Bungalow Road, which stretches across from the well-known Hans Raj College. Over time, this market developed exponentially and saw more retail stores appear in and around this area.

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Question and answers about Delhi City Tour

What are the all monuments in Delhi City Tour?

old and Central Delhi, the Red Fort (outdoor photo stop), JAMA Mosque, Connaught palace, Qutub MINAR, INDIA Gate, Parliament House, HUMAYUN Tomb, CHANDNI CHOWLK and Raj GHAT, GURUDWARA BANGLA SAHIB.

Best time to do Delhi city Tour

The best time to do this Delhi City Tour is from August till May. During this time weather will be nice and perfect.

How much cost Delhi City Tour?

This tour will cost you around 35 EURO for a medium car which is suitable for 3 people.

How many days need to explore Delhi?

If you have enough time then we advise you to explore Delhi in 3 Days. However 2 day are also ok for Delhi City Tour.

What to wear during tour?

During Delhi city tour wear lite clothes because Delhi temperature reman 35 degree. But during winter from November till February need to wear jacket or pullover.

Inclusions of Delhi City Tour?

In this amazing Delhi city Tour inclusions are car with driver, fuel charges, One water bottle pp,

What time starts and finishes Delhi City Tour

Usually Delhi city tour starts at 8:30 am and finishes at 5:00 pm. However, it is completely depends on you flight details as most of the flights arriving early morning between 1:30 am till 4:00 am.

What to buy in Delhi?

There are many things you can buy in Delhi but we advise you to but things on the last day. In addition, you can buy beautiful SARI, SILVER, CLOTHES AND ARTIFICIAL JWELLERY and many more things.