Indian Cities

Indian Cities are very beautiful like rainbow in the sky because when you across one beautiful then another one is ready to welcome you with open heart. However these cities always welcome you with their cultural differences along with amazing food, living style and traditional values. Here are some important cities name are New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Goa, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Varanasi and (Calcutta). So With this guide you will get experiences across India.

In addition every city in India has its own way to amaze you, for example if you visit Varanasi you will feel more religious and spiritual. However there are many things explore but the real concept of this city is based on Religion of Hinduism.  Similarly if you visit Kerala you will feel the aromatic smell of Indian spices. In other words Kerala is a popular City where you can find real fresh Indian spices and people use it in most of the dishes. So overall these Indian cities will always amaze you. In other words you will find something interesting every time you visit them.

Some interesting fact about India..

India has 28 states and 9 union territories that are well connected by flights, buses and trains but Each state in India has much to offer to tourists and It is also a myth that India is a vegetarian country because we heard this many time from other tourist. Actually Indians love meat and eat a lot of it. You will find poultry, mutton, Pork in plenty in India, so as a foreigner you can have a great time living in an Indian.

Indian food is not always spicy. If you still find Indian food spicy for your palate, you could always eat continental in India. Indian cities, like any other, have multiplex movie theatres, rock shows, concerts, stand-up comedy shows, plays, etc. One of the best things about shopping in India is that you can buy anything and everything online. They will deliver at your doorstep. 

If you arrive in Mumbai or any major city in India and you don’t understand the reasoning behind the constant hooting. The undercarriage of the hassle and bustle, it can leave you feeling quite overwhelmed but don’t let that detour you. But Once we discover India’s incredible diversity and scratched. We found myself in a land like no other and I fell in love with it because India has that diversity.

Let’s explore some cities…

Indian Cities

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