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Why Bella India Tours

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Best Services with Best travel agency in Manali

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1 Tour Packages

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2 Family Travel

This is one of the segment in which we are expert because we have served many of families in past 10 years. We do understand and take care of kids and families to make their journey unforgettable. Moreover, our tourism expert team has a great experience in organizing family trips allover India.

3 Couple Travel

Couples are the most frequent traveler everywhere in India. It can be described as Honeymoon travel, party travel, exploration travel, leisure travel. However, our team also organizes different type of travel plan for couples like trekking, camping and hiking etc. In short, Bella India Tours, the best travel agency in MANALI do understand that the privacy is the most top priority of couple’s travel, so our team takes care of it keenly.

4 Leisure Travel

We are the best premium Destination Management Company in India with team of tourism experts. In addition, we do serve in UAE, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Oman and Nepal. We are specialize tailor-made holidays in these destinations for all type of travelers. We have unique itineraries and tour packages that will of course include the must-sees destinations. Our team will also manage the off-beat specials excursions that nobody offers. We have outstanding relationships with business partners and hoteliers for better deal.

5 Friends Trip

It is just amazing to travel with friends and Bella India Tours the best travel agency in MANALI understand the importance of it. We organize friend’s trip with extremely cheap price with maintaining the quality of tourism services. Our professional guides lead the friends groups in different locations and destination with all amenities.


6 Solo Travel

If you are planning your first solo trip to India, then you do not need to think much. India is a place where every visitor can have a myriad of experiences. There are so many destinations for your first solo trip to India, you have many options. However, the lonely journey is a quest to discover you along with spiritual rejuvenation and adventures. In addition, whether you are looking to travel to escape the crowds or to try new things, traveling is just a remedy for your body, mind and soul. Moreover, Bella India Tours, just awesome travel agency in MANALI know exactly how to organize solo trips.

8 Flight Booking

We Bella India Tour the most popular travel agency in MANALI book flight tickets for various destinations in India and abroad as well. Our flight tickets are reasonable and honestly priced. We do not keep any kind of commission on flights. We have a specialize team which book all flight tickets which includes, domestic flights, international flight, charter flights etc. Please contact us for best deal.

9 Train booking

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10 Transport Booking

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11 Foreign Travel

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12 Business and MICE Travel

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13 Group travel

Whether you plan to travel with family, friends or colleagues, Bella India Tours the travel agency can help you gather all the details for your group. Moreover, we can help you to organize where you want to go and offer you a special exclusive price. We coordinate communication across the group with the help of our expert guides to keep everyone feel comfortable.


Our team of Experts

We offer our customers a range of services including market knowledge, strategic planning, marketing and experience development, voice-overs and visitor services. We use our network of tourism experts in 11 countries to bring together a team as they offer the best thinking in strategic planning and implementation. Help our customers create successful and sustainable tourist destinations and memorable experiences for a global audience.

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1 Manali Destinations

MANALI is a beautiful mountain destination in the KULLU district of Himachal Pradesh. It has an average altitude of 6,500 feet above average sea level. MANALI is located on the banks of the Beas River, about 39 km from the center of KULLU and 268 km from SHIMLA. According to the 2011 census, about 8,096 people reside here. Being a mountain resort of higher altitude, it is covered with snow in winter and its green meadows and forests of Delhi attract a number of hikers, skiers and ferries throughout the year. MANALI is also the favorite place for honeymoon couples.

The average MANALI temperatures during the summer from April to July are between 13 ºC and 21 ºC and between -6 ºC and 9 ºC in the winter from November to February. MANALI is a place where you can do many activities such as rafting, hiking and mountaineering in BYAS KUND, CHANDRAKHANI Pass, LAHAUAL, SPITI, Bara BHANGAL and ZANSKAR. You can also find several picturesque places from there like HADIMBA temple, MANU temple, VASHISTH Temple.

HADIMBA temple

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India. It is home to the PARVATI Valley, the SPITI Valley, picturesque villages and of course some of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India, MANALI and SHIMLA. The hippie state of Himachal Pradesh has a lot to offer, from people traveling on a budget to those who wouldn’t mind wasting absolutely every aspect of their journey. Among the many things to do and places to visit in MANALI (besides of course playing in the snow) the HADIMBA Temple, or the HIDIMBA Temple as many refer to it, is the hidden treasures of the city.

Mall Road MANALI

The Mall Road is the heart of MANALI, which is full of hotels, restaurants and shops. This explains the three things you can do here – sleep, eat and buy. Busy all day, especially during the high summer season, this is the perfect place to start exploring MANALI as your hotel is more likely to be right around the corner. Ranging from trinkets like key chains and souvenirs to PASHMINA shawls at exorbitant prices, the Mall Road in MANALI is the answer to all your shopping needs.


VASHISTH Temple MANALI is about 4000 years old VASHISTH historical temple in MANALI. It is said that Beas KUND in MANALI is the origin point of the mighty river Beas. VASHISTH MANALI is dedicated to the great sage VASHISTH. The Temple located a few kilometers from MANALI. The beautiful little village located east of the Beas River spreads the energy of positivity and is a true paradise for backpackers. The locals and tourists like to visit this place which gives a huge view of nature and provide inner satisfaction at the bottom of the sole.

We recommend VASHISTH village and temple in our popular place of places to visit in MANALI. The VASHISTH people are very important when it comes to the Hindu culture of the Hindu heritage as one of the SAPTA RISHI VASHISTH stayed sometimes. There is a hot spring known as VASHISTH KUND. Therefore, the river was called as VIPASHA, which means freedom from slavery. It was later shortened to Beas River. He began to mediate and promised to begin his new life. The temple of VASHISTH is believed to be more than 4,000 years old.

Manu Temple

Manu Temple is located in the old MANALI at a distance of 3 km from the main market of MANALI. Temple of Manu in MANALI is dedicated to Manu – the Indian sage, who was recognized as the creator of this world. The temple is located in the Beas River Valley in the KULLU district, which is located about 275 km north of SHIMLA. One of the most beautiful temples in MANALI of Himachal Pradesh, Manu temple has a well documented history dating back to the sages. The temple is dedicated and honored in the name of Manu. According to legends, the sage Manu was the creator of this world and also the writer of MANUSMIRITI. The temple is located near the main market in Old MANALI, only three kilometers if we were to denote in numbers.


SOLANG Valley is one of the most beautiful and adventurous places to visit in MANALI. It is not just another ski paradise, but much more when it comes to the unique experiences it offers. So whether you are an adventure lover or a fan of quiet nature, this is the best place to visit for your next vacation. This beautiful valley is also called SOLANG NALA’ which comes from the combination of names – SOLANG and NULLAH. The word SOLANG’ means near village and NULLAH’ means “running water”. Surrounded with beautiful and surrealist slopes, this place are known as a ski resort. Over time the valley has gained its popularity as a ski paradise in northern India and there are many ski agencies that offer various courses to learn how to ski.

ATAL tunnel

The 9 km ATAL Tunnel in ROHTANG, located at an altitude of over 10,000 feet and connecting MANALI to LAHAUL, has been recognized by the World Book of Records in London as the longest motorway tunnel in the world at this height. In addition, a spokesman for the Border Road Organization (BRO) said he had received a certificate from the World Record Book that the ATAL tunnel is the longest tunnel in the world at an altitude of over 10,500 feet.


Explore KULLU MANALI and enjoy the cool and pleasant weather. Many outdoor activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, ice skating and helicopter skiing are popular tourist attractions in MANALI. Looking for the best place to visit on vacation, KULLU MANALI is the best choice for you. MANALI is one of those destinations that should not miss the travel enthusiasts during their visit to the country.  We are experts in managing the KULLU MANALI Tour and SHIMLA Tour packages. KULLU and MANALI are two different places. KULLU a MANALI distance is about 40 km. It is a neighborhood in Himachal Pradesh and MANALI is the hill station in KULLU. Let’s see a list of 21 places to visit in KULLU MANALI. It is a perfect place for adventure lover. People from all over India visit this famous mountain resort to experience mountaineering, hiking and skiing.


NAGGAR, about 22 km from MANALI, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Located at 6,716 feet above sea level, this settlement in KULLU district literally means ‘The Learned Man’. Tourists have a lot to do when they’re in NAGGAR. Moreover, some of the major attractions here include the Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery, the VASHUKI Nag Temple, the SUNDRI Tripura Temple, the GAURI SHANKAR Temple, and others. For this amazing tour please contact the best and amazing travel agency in MANALI Bella India Tours.


2 Hampta Pass

A trek of dreams, HAMPTA Pass treats you to an amazing display of diverse landscapes in a 5-day mountain rhapsody. The stark contrasting sweeps of topography varying from lush green mammoths to crisp contrasting expanses of deserted wilderness hold you in awe. The sheer drama of this cross over trek is simply intriguing. It is located in the PIR PANJAL Range of the Himalayas, HAMPTA Pass is a live canvas painted in the distinctive settings of Himachal Pradesh.

It is bound to captivate the trekkers with its alluring landscapes and spectacular vistas. Dense pinewood forests, endless green meadows, rustling mountain streams, vibrant wildflowers, daunting mountains, beautiful valleys, serene lakes, and pools. The entire trail of HAMPTA Pass trek is dotted with everything you can dream of to witness on a trek. Landscapes change vividly every few hours of walking on the HAMPTA Pass trekking trail. The lack of any treacherousness in the trail is compensated by the abundance of natural beauty, which will take you by surprise at every twist and turn of the trek. It begins with a drive from MANALI to the Base camp of the trek, JOBRA. From there, the incredible journey on foot begins.

3 Kasol Destinations

It is popular as the mini Israel in Himachal Pradesh. KASOL is a mountain station in the PARVATI valley, on the way to the pilgrim city of MANIKARAN. It is located 42 km east of KULLU at an altitude of 1640 m. KASOL is an ideal destination for backpackers, hikers and nature lovers thanks to its scenic valley, virgin mountains and a great climate all year round. It is an important base for trekking to SAR Pass, YANKER Pass, Pin Parbati Pass and KHIRGANGA.
KASOL is ideal for a holiday if you want to relax in the lap of nature. The village is an open space on the banks of the PARBATI river where lazy afternoons can be spent. The river is full of trout and is the perfect place to fish. However, you need permission from the forest department to fish for trout in the River. The PARBATI river in KASOL is ideal for rafting. If you with to book KASOL with your awesome travel agency in MANALI Bella India Tours you will get and amazing discount.


KHEERGANGA Trek, located at an altitude of about 2950 m, is one of the best known trekking destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Located deep in the valley of PARVATI, KHEERGANGA presents hikers with a great deal of memorable experiences! It is said that the history of the KHEERGANGA goes back thousands of years, when it was the house of Lord Shiva. The temperature in KHEERGANGA Trek varies over the seasons! The weather can be extremely cold in winter, with snow covering the landscape with bright snow. Moreover, the temperature can rise to 26 degrees during summer days.

KHEERGANGA is nature’s paradise; the beauty of the place is fascinating. The place is famous for the hot water source and great views of the valley, there are some places nearby you can visit; Tosh Trek is a great option to rejuvenate your soul and mind, the place smells of marijuana, perfect for a getaway; MALANA is another adventurous trekking destination that will surprise you with a fascinating beauty, it is located 21 km from KASOL. In addition, PARVATI Pass is an adventurous route of 110 km, ideal place for adventure seekers, SAR pass Trek, MANIKARAN GURUDWARA.

Grahan village

GRAHAN is a small town located in the PARBATI valley at an altitude of about 2300 m. Known for its scenic landscapes and nearby waterfalls, the village also serves as a first stop or camp for hikers going to the SAR or KHULI pass. The walk is easy and the total distance from the walk from KASOL to the village of GRAHAN is 8 km. The people of the village are quiet nature like other places PAHADI. Although there is no network available in the city, but people have developed family homes equipped with basic facilities in that unconventional place. You can have a very comfortable stay with a unique experience in these family homes. The villagers also banned the consumption of alcohol there.


CHALAL is basically a small town near KASOL. As you would expect, it has benefited from the growth of tourism, as a large number of resorts, campsites and restaurants have arisen all along the route from KASOL to CHALAL. From what I understand, this step also serves as the perfect place for parties in trance when the season is right. Imagine the fragrance of this certain plant along with the music of PARVATI sensual and cool mountain breeze. As a result, it is also Bob Marley’s country.

Tosh Village

The village has become very popular among travelers looking for a peaceful escape from everyday life, meditation/yoga and fresh air. Tosh visitors are mostly backpackers from Israel and Europe. The distinctive smell of marijuana is Tosh’s first impression. There is nothing else to do on Tosh but explore the surroundings. With each step you take there will be an increase in love for this place. Tales breathtaking view offering from the beautiful PARVATI Valley. Also, as Tosh is becoming very popular among backpackers, many trances and psychedelic parties are organized here.

KALGA and PULGA village

If your schedule allows, I suggest you mark 3 full days on your calendar for this trip. One day for each city. You should start your trip with Flea, move to TULGA and spend the last night in KALGA. However, if you face the shortage of time can also be done in 2 full days and a one night stay in one of the villages. I had to settle for the last one, because I only set two days for them.

There are no roads to Flea, TULGA or KALGA. And I’m glad they’re not there. It keeps noisy tourists away and ensures that the evils of marketing stay at a distance. The three are only accessible on foot and visitors wishing to make a trip to these villages have no other option than to take a hill walk over 2-3 kilometers each. If this information seems troubling, let me comfort you. The walk is not so difficult. In addition, it passes through several scenic trails that make the walk a unique experience.


MANIKARAN is a famous pilgrimage site located in the KULLU district of the state of Himachal Pradesh. This place is famous for the temple of Shiva, the temple of Ram, GURUDWARA and the hot springs. MANIKARAN is located in the valley of PARVATI. The PARWATI Valley is the largest valley in the KULLU district of the state of Himachal Pradesh, India, which stretches for 90 km in length and 1085 square kilometers in area. The Himalayan mountain range hills MANIKARAN is popular as SHIVALIK rank. The PARVATI River flows next to the temple of Shiva and GURUDWARA. The starting point of the PARVATI River is in MANTALAI. Many hot springs are located in the main area of MANIKARAN.


3 Shimla Destinations

SHIMLA is an amazing mountain tourist season for Indians, especially for those who have a passion for exploring natural beauty and serene environment; nothing can be compared to such incredible places. If you are also one of them, defying the warm welcome of tourism in SHIMLA would make your dream come true. Speaking of SHIMLA, the Queen of the Hills is located at an altitude of 2215 meters above the level of SESA. Being one of India’s largest mountain resorts cities, SHIMLA is the capital of Himachal Pradesh, where newlyweds, couples, nature lovers and those seeking serenity and tranquility come to enjoy their holidays.


KUFRI is a small mountain resort located near SHIMLA. It is famous for its hiking and hiking trails. Adventure lovers gather in KUFRI in winter to ski and sledge along its snowy slopes. KUFRI is also famous for its natural parks and picnic sites. KUFRI’s proximity to the SHIMLA mountain station makes it an important place to visit.

Mall Road SHIMLA

SHIMLA Mall Road, located in the city center, is the central avenue that has a number of cafes, clubs, banks, shops, post offices and tourist offices. At the same time, the site rejoices with other invigorating attractions that host, for example, the Scandal Point and the Temple of Kali Bari. The attractiveness and excellence of Mall Road can be appreciated with meetings of companions, families and spouses of the same.

5 DHARAMSHALA Destinations

DHARAMSHALA is the spiritual capital of Himachal and is the second capital of the state. There are many things about this charming hill station that attracts tourists within the country and abroad. It offers a perfect holiday destination for the quiet traveler as well as adventure. Whether it’s romantic walks along the river or discovering hidden treasures on a mountain hike or participating in some adventure sports like paragliding, the city has a variety of experiences to offer. Explore our travel agency in MANALI for best deal on Dharamshala tour packages.


MCLEOD GANJ is a mountain resort near DHARAMSHALA, popular among hikers. Its culture is a beautiful Tibetan fusion with some British influence MCLEOD GANJ is a suburb of DHARAMSHALA in KANGRA district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is known as “Little Lhasa” or “DHASA” because of its large population of Tibetans. The Tibetan government in exile has its headquarters in MCLEOD GANJ.


KANGRA was called NAGARKOT in ancient history. It is a city at the confluence of the BENER River and the MAJHI River. The district headquarters are located in DHARAMSHALA, which is also a tourist site and is now home to the exile of the Dalai Lama. Another important city is PALAMPUR, which is 40 km from DHARAMSHALA and is famous for its picturesque tea gardens. Many ancient temples, such as JWALAJI temple, BRIJESWARI temple, CHAMUNDA temple, Baba BAROH temple and BAIJNATH temple are here. KANGRA Strong is also a popular tourist attraction. In 1905, KANGRA District experienced one of the gigantic earthquakes in India’s seismic history with a magnitude of 8.0 on the Richter scale in which 20,000 people lost their lives.


Dalhousie is a charming town located in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Spread over five hills, this city is a paradise for tourists looking for tranquility and peace. With dewy hills, snowy pastures and colonial-era architecture, Dalhousie has the best of it all. A culturally and historically significant place, Dalhousie attracts tourists from all over the world to explore its magnificent landscapes.


Question and Answers

Best time to visit Himachal

Best time to visit Himachal from September till May. For trekking your can choose month from April till May and September till November mid. If you love snowing than choose from December till March.   

What to carry

During the trip in Himachal keep good trekking shoes, some medicines, water proof bag, slippers, some face creams, During winter warm clothes and carry empty water bottle.

Where to stay

During visit of Himachal we advise you to stay in small guest houses or hostels. However, you can choose luxury to normal hotel but it’s better to stay in small local accommodations to feel the place.

How to reach

KULLU-MANALI Domestic Airport is the nearest hill station MANALI located in BHUNTAR about 49 km from MANALI. Regular Indian Airlines and JAGSON flights are available here operating flights between Delhi and SHIMLA at this airport. During the monsoon, flights can be cancelled due to bad weather. the nearest international airport NEAR MANALI IS CHANDIGARH  international airport.

Road-MANALI is well connected to other metropolitan cities of India with several national roads. NH-1 connects the city with Delhi and Chandigarh, NH-21 connects the city with the cities of BILASPUR, SUNDER NAGAR, MANDI and KULLU. The distance from the road from Delhi to MANALI is 532 km and from Chandigarh to MANALI is 273 km. HP Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) and HP Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) offers a comfortable travel and good tourist packages for this city.

Railroads-No railway station of MANALI. The nearest railway stations in the city are JOGINDER NAGAR (134 km), PATHANKOT (324 km), SHIMLA (275 km), Kalka (311 km) and Chandigarh (274 km). After arriving at the above stations you have to travel by bus to reach MANALI. The best option is to get to Chandigarh first, as there are regular city bus services.

Best way to visit Himachal

The best way to explore Himachal is on feet or with a medium car. We also advise to use local buses but most of the time they are full of locals. We advise all visitors to find trustworthy travel agency in Manali like Bella India Tours on which you can trust.

Where to eat MANALI

There are many places to eat in MANALI AND Himachal as well but we advise to speak with our local tourism expert who can advise you better.