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Travel agency in Oman, Bella India Tours is the most professional, affordable, available and expert travel agency in Oman. As we are the best travel agency in Oman, our services includes, pleasure trips, discovery trips, business trip. Moreover, we are expert in organizing, city tours, full day tours, adventure trips, classic trip and many more. However, we are just superb in organizing tours from cruises, which comes in Muscat on weekly basis. Bella India Tours is always ready to satisfy the wishes of any customer. Our long, rich and diversified 8 years experience in Oman tourism makes us the top travel agent in the country.

For business customers, Bella India Tours is configured as an attentive and always available Travel Manager. Our team is ready to help you save time, costs and energy with 24-hour assistance for high-profile services. For private customers, who are looking for a unique experience, a trip to remember or a dream vacation, we are the best choice. Bella India Tours represents itself as an attentive and imaginative consultant for Oman, India, Nepal, Dubai and other countries as well. It is precisely the great advantage for our customer to find best solution at one place. Bella India Tours, a best leisure Planner and holiday consultant knows and understand you, so you can start from your real aspirations to tailor the best of tailor-made experiences.


Our services

Tour Packages with driver or with professional Guide

With our 8 year expert in Oman tourism we are creating the best tour packages with professional guide or Driver only. Here we are mentioning WITH DRIVER because in Oman most of the drivers are enough as a driver cum guide. In Oman most of the people speak Arabic language, so finding someone who speaks English or other language will cost you a lot. So we honestly advice you to do a tour with Driver, however Oman is a very-very expensive country, so it up to your budget. Moreover, simply take a map and navigate internet for information and enjoy simply you tour. Our popular tour packages are for Families, groups, solo, business person and special interest explorer. Best tour packages are  Muscat city Tour, Nizwa tour, Nakhal Tour, Grand canyon tour, Jabal Akdar Tour,

Arrival and departure

In addition, you can book arrival and departure service with us with reasonable price. Moreover, our drivers are very professional in doing their job. We always cross check our arrival and departure time because it is very important for all of us. However, if it’s a group then we can also arrange a English speaking guide for any assistance.

Muscat city Port to Tort tours packages

We are expert in organizing tours from Muscat port to port, because there are many cruises come to Muscat for a day exploration. However, some cruises do over night stay here, I so in that case we also organize Muscat by night tours as well.


Tour guide services

We also provide Tourist guide service because in Oman there are very few people who can speak English or other languages. So many tourists ask us for tourist guide to understand better the country and the destination. However, is cost a bit more but its worthy to have one. Because local culture of Oman is just awesome so, to understand and communicate with locals a getting a tour guide is a perfect idea. Our tour guides are very informative and professional without any single doubt.

Transport services with Driver

You can book with us any kind of transportation services like, self driving, car with driver, arrival and departure, transport service for events, transport for business meetings etc. You can connect with us for any booking with What-app. We have a nice facility that you book and pay on arrival. Please note for self driving you need international driving license.

Business trip and MICE

We are specialized in organizing business trips, meeting and events. Our tourism and event expert team is always available for best advice and solution. As we are in tourism since 2009, we have operated so many events like, destination weddings, business meeting etc. We can assure you for the best services, so please book tours with us.

Top 10 Tours to book with best travel agency in Oman

Muscat city tour (Half day or Full day)

This tour is very beautiful because you will be exploring a very nice city Muscat. It is the capital of Oman. This tour will be for around 4 to 5 hours (can be full day). Here we are talking about half day city tour. Our guide will pick you up for a half day Muscat city and take you through to the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. All religion followers are allowed to visit Grand mosque which is most important religious monuments in Oman. It is truly unique Islamic architecture. This visit will take around 40 minutes or an hour maximum. Afterwards you will be visiting Bait Al Zubair Museum.  This museum is very beautiful and good to learn about the culture, tradition and heritage of the Oman and relation with other countries as well.

In fact, there is a huge collection of antiquities, traditional weapons, jewelry, costumes and house-hold utensils. Spend here around 30 minutes. As you are already in old Muscat, so next you will visit Sultan Quaboos Palace AL-ALAM (From outside only). Later after taking amazing pictures there proceed to visit Mutrah Souq Bazaar. It is just amazing. As it is the last stop so you can visit and enjoy a coffee or juice or some french-fries. If you are doing this tour from port then you can go back by walking as well.  While going back you can explore the fish and Vegetable market, stroll along the promenade, admire the beautiful houses of the merchants and go shopping in the crowded, ancient and colorful market.


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Muscat by Night (3 Hour)

It is one of the popular of Muscat. Usually this tour starts around 18:00 pm, proceed for Mutrah souq market and spend around 20 minutes. Later proceed for taking a 10 minutes photo stop at Al-Alam palace. After this move towards our pre-booked restaurant, before reaching there you will pass through the city busiest area Ruwi. Arrive at Kargeen restaurant and enjoy your perfect dinner. This place is really awesome, especially lamb, Arabic bread and salad. Moreover, you can smoke shisha here, and taste some tradition DISH RAKHAL.

Nakhal Tour (Full day)

It is one of the popular tours of Oman, which includes some places of Muscat and some of Nakhal with an amazing Perfume Factory Amouage. If you start this tour at 8:30 am, which is the perfect timing, you will be back at hotel or port around 3:30 pm or 4:00 pm. In this tour you will visit Fishing village seeb, a fish market and vegetable market, Nakhal Village, Hot spring and perfume factory. It is a very nice tour. Please do remember before taking pictures you need to ask guide or the person, if you are taking a personal picture. However, normally you can take pictures where ever you wish. Later return to hotel or port. For more detail contact @ Bella India Tour.

Nizwa Tour (Full day)

This is a very famous city of Oman in terms of religion and culture. On this tour you will explore a beautiful Jabrin fort, Nizwa city and if its Friday then enjoy early morning cattle market and click amazing pictures. Later you will explore a Nizwa souq and small village Birkat-al-Mauj means Banana plantation but surprisingly there is no banana plantation. But you will pass through amazing Date palm trees. It is just awesome. Please do remember one side driving will take around 1 hour and 25 minutes, that’s why this tour takes a full day.


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Grand Canyon Tour (Full day)

If you love mountain then it is the perfect tour for you. It is also a full day tour, which includes visit of Nizwa city, Grand Canyon, Al Hamra village visit and Birkat-al-mauj plantation visit. This tour is just awesome because if you want to skip some of the place like village then you can explore Wadi-Nakhar, which is just superb. It is a long day and long drives that why we are advising to choose because if you try to visit all in a day then you may return to hotel at 20:00 pm. However, it is really great tour at least once in life. But believe us you will come back here. Moreover, for detailed itinerary please chat with us @ travel agency in Oman Bella India Tours.

Jabal Akdar Tour (Full day)

This tour will allow you to explore some beautiful Omani natural beauty like Mountain, villages and Nizwa city. On this tour you will be visiting Nizwa city, Birakat-al-Maju, Wadi drive, Habib village and Jabal akhdar Mountains. While doing this tour you have opportunity to walk through rose plantation from one village to another. We advise you to take a tour guide on this tours, however driver can do it but better to have a tour guide. 

Wadi Wakan Village Tour (Full day)

Again you are going to explore some amazing mountain of AL-Batinah Region, which includes, visit of Nakhal, hot-spring, Wadi Abiyat and Wakan village. So this tour brings you to the remote area of Oman which is just amazing. During this tour you will see the beautiful pomegranate plantation and apricot gardens. So, if you love nature and dry mountain they you must try this tour. 

Dolphin Watching (3 Hours)

This is an adventurous tour, which allows you to explore Oman sea and it’s amazing nature. It’s a short tour for 3 hour maximum. This tour starts at Bandar-Rowdha port which is a small port for Tourist boats. On this tour you will see Dolphins, turtles, sometime whales. Moreover you will also see Royal palace, AL-Bustan hotel, Shangrila-Hotel and Portuguese tombs. Seeing dolphins is not sure so please understand, its nature beyond our control. But enjoy the trip with awesome travel agency in Oman which is only Bella India Tours. 


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Dhow Cruise tour (3 Hours)

One of the most popular and relaxing tour is Dhow cruise tour. You can enjoy this tour with you family and friends as well. It is for around 3 hours and nothing to do or visit. Just enjoy drinks and chips on board, relax and click amazing pictures.

Wahiba Tour (Full day)

The most thrilling tour is only wahiba desert or AL- sharkiyah (nick name) tour. On this tour you will be exploring amazing wahiba sand, Badoin Houses, Camel ride (if included), Dunes driving and later wadi-bani-khalid where you can swim in natural water. At this place there is one restaurant so swim there and enjoy lunch. This tour needs to starts at 7:30 am and will finish around 18:30 pm. It’s a long day trip so be prepare and remember you are visiting desert so carry water bottle. However, you will get all in our car but it was just a reminder. For any query please contact your most available travel agency in Oman Bella India Tours.

Wadi Shab and Sur Tour (Full day)

Last but not the Least, this is the most of the most amazing tour which definitely you will love it. If you love swimming and trekking a bit then enjoy this tour which is just superb. On this tour explore beautiful AL-Amerat village, Bimah-Sink-Hole, Bibi Mariam tomb (Photo stop only from highway), wadi Shad and finally fins beach. This tour is bit complicate in terms of instruction and explanation so we highly recommend you to contact the most affordable travel agency in Oman, Bella India Tours. Please don’t do this tour alone and take a tour guide for better experience and keep always medical kit.


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Note- Dear reader in the end of reading we will tell you honestly that there are no other tour more than these, however one or two are still in our list like Wadi arbaeen and Wadi Daqa tour or Salalah city which is far from muscat but to be very honest which we are mentioning are the best of the best. So don’t think much about what to see in Oman just contact us via Whats-app. We are always available at your service ‘’The best travel agency in Oman, Muscat, India, Nepal and Dubai.

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