Indian Beaches

1 Lakshadweep Island, Bangaram Resort

Indian Beaches are very famous, where you can enjoy vacation with your family or loved one. But if you are looking for a nice calm beach far from the city then Bangaram is the best resort, which is situated in Lakshadweep Island, which lies very close to Agatti and Kavaratti Island and this resort provides an amazing opportunity for guests to unwind from the pressures and tensions of modern life because it’s located close to two small islands of Thinnakara and Parali. So enjoy your vacation with your loved one.

Note –

Foreigners need a permission letter from the local authorities because It is mandatory to take, Otherwise they will not allow you to board in the flight and Only Air India flight runs between Cochin and Aggati island. So make sure you have all permission to travel on this Island. Best time to visit October to May. (Only for Lakshadweep Island)


2 Havelock Island Beach, Andaman

The best place to enjoy your holidays on a beautiful Island with friend or families is another then Andaman. One of the top rated and collection of islands is the Elephanta beach in Andaman’s. It is famous not only because of luxurious Resorts but you can enjoy the nature as well. The amazing colored water begins the fairytale of the beach and takes it on the boat rides and colourful coral reefs to complete the tale. 

The splendid underwater life at this beach never falters to charm its tourists. Best time to visit from October to May. Activities you can enjoy there are Snorkeling, sea-walking, sunbathing, scuba diving, trekking, fishing, bird watching, kayaking, and swimming.

Best time to visit Andaman from October to May.

3 Marari Beach, Indian beaches in Kerala

Kerala is very famous for Indian spices, But you can enjoy yoga and meditation, Ayurvedic massage and Golden sands, swishing palms and impeccable backwaters, there are some beautiful Indian beaches which you can explore, for example Marari beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in India, it is perfect for a break away from the crazy city life and it is also famous for turtles because they come every year on this beach for laying eggs. Best time to visit Marari beach from October to February. One can enjoy here backwaters of Kerala, Snorkeling, sea-walking, sunbathing, scuba diving, trekking, fishing, bird watching, kayaking, and swimming.

betalbatim beach

4 Agonda Beach, Indian beaches in Goa

A peaceful place with amazing beach far from the city with the best beaches, Agonda beach is a treat to the body and the soul. A must visit place in Goa and a perfect beach vacation, For those who love to read, its became the heaven. The calmness of the place makes the simplest of sunbathing episodes, surreal. Being among the most beautiful beaches in India, this beach is exquisite to the last detail. Best time to visit Agonda beach is from December to April. In addition, activities you can do here, Take a walk along the stretch of the beach and rejuvenate on the beach shacks, Various type of massages, Yoga classes.

5 Baitalbati Beach, South Goa

Relax on the sands and enjoy your coffee.If talking in terms of natural treasures, the Baitalbati beach definitely gets the best scores. This beach is held in high regard by the locals too. In addition, one of the unknown and unspoiled beaches in India, this beach is known for rejuvenating and relaxing its tourists. Best time to visit from November to April.

6 Kovalam Beach, Kerala

The spectacular white sand along the Malabar Coast in Kerala is the Kovalam beach. One of the amazing beaches of the state. The beauty of this beach is that it is the union of three beaches namely, Lighthouse Beach, Hawa Beach and Samudra Beach. Best time to visit this beach is from November to February. However, you can enjoy local food at the distinguished cafes, take a trip to the lighthouse, and visit the seaside mosque.


7 Varkala Beach, Kerala

One of the amazing beach with 5 star resorts is perfect for Sunbathing and swimming. with the siding of impeccable views. This Beach of Kerala also known to have medicinal and curative properties. The waters at this beach are pristine and the views picturesque. In addition, best time to visit Varkala is from November to February. Things to do relax at the beach, visit the nearby Hindu Temple, and Take a dip in the curative waters at the beach. So these are the beaches in India where you can enjoy your vacation  with your family. In conclusion, there and many beaches but we recommend only these beaches.

Indian Beaches

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