Mumbai City Tour

Mumbai City Tour, Mumbai is a beautiful city of India that never disappears, with cosmopolitan cultures, curious paradoxes and small pleasures around every corner of the city. Anyone with an appetite for exploration and a love of new things will grow like Mumbai. And even if you get lost, there are always friendly Taxis that can help you find the right path. This is the capital of dreams and, whether you want to become SHAHRUK (Actor) or AMBANI (Businessman), the best place to try your luck is in Mumbai, equipped with everything to satisfy your eccentricities and ambitions. Above all, Mumbai is the commercial city of India.

Visiting Mumbai in a whole day is almost impossible. It takes at least 2 or 3 days. So we give you an idea how to manage the day of the excursion.

Day 1 - Mumbai City Tour

This day we will visit the ELEFANTA Caves, Gateway of India and COLABA Market.

The first day starts around 8:00 am go to the ” Gateway of India ” Take some nice photos while the tour guide will buy the ferry ticket to go to the island of ELEFANTA which is almost 10 km away from the Gateway of India. The intricate 10th century rock carvings draw many visitors here from all over the world. After arriving on the island you can take a little train to get to a certain point from where you start the climb to go to the cave.¬†

Important (There are more or less 200 steps so if you can’t go up you will stay down or don’t choose this excursion) (It takes about 4 hours for the whole visit to and from Gateway of India. After returning to Gateway of India take the car and go to visit a beautiful COLABA market which is nearby. This day is enough this visit. But if you still want to visit some stops nearby then we suggest you visit CST Terminus and Mani BHAWAN or Library.

Gateway of India

Gateway of India very popular in Mumbai. It is one of the most famous structures in India. This place is also India’s entry point if you come from the sea. British architect George Wittet designs this building structure. This historic building was built during the time of the British rule in India. Often Gateway of India tops the must-see places on the Indian and foreign visitor list.


COLABA is the best place to indulge in food and lots of sidewalk shopping. From the best of clothes to the best baby toys and a display of kitchen utensils are part of this unique haunt. Best time to visit: the mall is usually open from early morning until late at night. The best time to visit would be late afternoon and early evening when it is a bit cooler.

Day 2 Mumbai city Tour

After breakfast the day starts at 8:00 am, This day we visit Mumbai Dhobi GHAT, C.S Terminus, Marine Drive, Crawford Market, Hanging Gardens, CHOPATI and Haji Ali.

Mumbai Dhobi GHAT

Mumbai’s DHOBI GHAT is located in the heart of MAHALAXMI, Mumbai. This GHAT is world famous for its rich history, movies shot here and for being the largest outdoor laundry in the world. Dhobi GHAT can be seen from the MAHALAXMI GHAT flyover. You can see the Laundry Men, known as Dhobis in India, awake here early in the morning. They start doing their work at 4:30 in the morning. work until 22:00. Numerous men and women can be seen washing clothes with hand in the large sinks. And this has been going on for centuries.

In this Dhobi GHAT you will find these men and women washing the clothes of a large part of the half of the population of Mumbai and still ensuring that the right clothes reach the right customer. These Dhobis work for organizations such as hotels and hospitals and are known for their punctuality and great organizational skills.

C.S. Terminus

Mumbai has some of the most dense railway stations. This is one of them located in the heart of Mumbai. The CHATRAPATI SHIVAJI Terminus (CST) is a historic railway station and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Formerly known as Victoria Terminus (VT), the station was built in Victorian Gothic style to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887. This is India’s busiest railway station, serving as the headquarters of the central railways.

Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a long boulevard in the southern part of Mumbai. The philanthropists Pallonji Mistry and BHAGOJISHETH KEER built this road. The road is a C-shape concrete road with six lanes running along the coast. This road connects Point Nariman with Malabar Hill, along BABULNATH. Marine Drive is also popular as the Queen’s Necklace. The view of this street and the street lamps at night would resemble a giant necklace with a string of pearls.

Crawford Market

Officially known as Mahatma JYOTIBA Phule MANDAL, Crawford Market is an old brick market that takes onlookers to the old post colonial days. Originally a fruit and vegetable market, the market is now home to food stalls, toy stalls, and a whole section specifically for pets of different breeds and all odd shapes and sizes. Best time to visit: Usually open from early morning until late evening. On Sundays the market is open only until early afternoon. A good time to visit this market is during the day when it is sunny and the best of pets are still active.

Hanging Garden

Hanging Gardens is a popular tourist destination in Mumbai. This garden was built in 1880. The Hanging Garden was for lawyer PHEROJSHAH Mehta, which is why these gardens are also known as PHIROJSHAH Mehta Garden.

Haji Ali

Haji Ali Dargah is a major landmark in the heart of the city of cinema. And, a religious place and receives around 10-15 thousand visitors in one day as it is the famous pilgrimage site for Muslims, non-Muslims also visit there. Moreover, this place is full of visitors, so be careful when you are walking through street.

Note – If you like Museums then you may visit Prince of Wales Museum and Jahangir art Gallery.

Other places to explore during Mumbai city tour


DHARAVI slum is considered to be one of the largest slums in the world with an area of over 520 acres. This slum is home to over 700,000 people (some statistics say up to one million people), making it one of the most densely populated regions in the world. DHARAVI has residents from almost all over the country and therefore is one of the most multicultural and colorful destinations you can find in Mumbai. Why should a slum be more popular? This slum has an annual turnover of over a billion dollars. This is one of the most vibrant regions in Mumbai and a vibrant tourist destination. Moreover, you can spend 3 to 4 hours here to understand how do they live here and survive here.


KANHERI Caves is one of the famous groups of rock monuments of India. This group contains numerous rock-cut structures made from basalt rock during ancient times. These caves are famous for sculptures, carvings, inscriptions and paintings, which give an idea of the culture, teaching, religion and lifestyle of the ancient Indians. It will take around an hour or 2 to visit this place. However, it is a bit far from main Mumbai but if you are in Mumbai then try to visit this place. During Mumbai city tour it is bit difficult doing this excursion, but you can take a spare day for it with some other place visit like PINJARPOLE  visit.

Mumbai City Tour