Must know before travel to India

1 Must know before travel to India, Firstly, All foreigners need to have passport with validity of at least six month. Secondly, foreigners need to register for online e-visa, which is provide on Indian government website.(for more information see Indian Visa or contact us Bella India Tours.

2 Indian currency is Rupee or INR (1 USD = 76 INR) (1 EUR = 80) Need to check current price. Please contact with Bella India Tours for advisable shop for money exchange.

3 It is always better to wear the dress which is elegant and covers the arm till wriest and legs till toe.

4 Indian languages is Hindi, but most of the people speak English everywhere in the country. So it is always recommended to get a tour guide during the tour. to under better the culture and even its helps to feel safe on a foreign land.

5 It is always advisable to carry a packed drinking water bottle and not advisable to drink tab water. One can drink tab water but foreigners are not habitual to drink tab water. So we always advise to drink pack water like Bislery and Aquafina (Most Trust worthy Drinking water Brand).

must know before trip

6 Always carry a mobile phone with local sim and if possible use Internet services and always be in touch with our Tour guide or Representative of Bella India Tours.

7 Always carry a scarf because you may pass from various dusty areas, so it is always recommended.

8 Carry some medicine for Headache, fever, vomiting or if you have any critical disease we always recommend to carry concern medicine and authorized certificate to avoid any problem at airport.

9 Carrying any kind of illegal drug or weapon is completely prohibited in India (Please check Indian Government Airport website)

10 Climate in India is different from North to South. (In south India use light clothes and wear half sleeves, during the whole year except in the month of DEC and JAN). (In north India March till October Half sleeves t-shirt and Light clothes and November till March use full sleeves, jacket, coat etc.

Must know before travel

11 Beware of unknown people and avoid speaking with them unless you have a Tour Guide .It is always better to speak with Travel Agency for any Help.

12 India Street food is very Tasty so please use only recommended shops by Travel agency because of hygiene.

13 Shopping is an important part of travelling and it is highly recommended to buy from recommended Shops, because some shopkeepers might cheat you so it is always recommended to follow Tour agency Recommended shops to avoid any inconvenience.

14 Helpline Numbers -(PoliceР100, Ambulance -102, Bella India Tours , 00919711973836, 00918800971196.

15 Beware of pick pocketers and always follow the Guide Instruction or Driver or Travel Agency.

16 Last but not the
least (Tip) It is a part of Tourism Industry. So if you are satisfy with Driver
and Guide services the please appreciate with appropriate tip. Usually in India
tip to a Driver is 5 to 10 EUR or USD per day and to a guide 10 to 20 euro or
USD per day. It is not mandatory and completely depends on your wish and no
driver or guide can ask you for tip. But is a part of tourism Industry.

17 As you all know
India is a Developing country, so if possible do charity and follow the Travel
Agency Guideline, because there are some people they can misuse your Hard
earned money, so we always advise to consult with your Local Travel Agency
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Must know before travel to India