Cruise in India

‘’Cruise in India’’ Cruising in India is not new but in recent years it has changed the tourist interest. However, it is becoming a new way of travelling within India. As we all know India is a big country so people who lives in plan wants to visit beaches and spending a quality time on cruise can be a good idea to distress them. Moreover, in India there are many cruise companies coming like Jalesh Cruise, Costa Cruise, Royal Carabbian, Silver seas, MSC, and many more. 

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1 Jalesh Cruise

Jalesh Cruises is one of the brand of Jalesh Cruises Mauritius Ltd which is India’s first multi-destination cruise liner that offer the best of entertainment shows, adventure activities, exotic cuisines and international hospitality on the high sea. The cruise is designed & customised especially for the Indian Tourist and also for the foreigners visiting India to experience the Indian culture, food and hospitality.

2 Costa Cruise

Costa cruise is one of the most popular cruise which comes in southern part of india and touches some top tourist destinations like  Mumbai, Kerala, Manglore, Maldive, Goa. Even there is and opportunity to travel beyond Indian border by cruising. Male, Srilanka, Italy, Thailand, are the countries where one can travel just by boarding from India.

3 MSC cruise 

Msc is also one of the cruise which comes to India every year in the month of November and returns in March. For 5 month it stays in Indian territory and serves its best services to Indian and foreigners tourists.

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4 Royal Caribbean cruise in India

It is also  fantastic, which offer tourist a luxury cruising in India. Usually, it comes in December and goes back in March. Its goes to Dubai and some other Middle east countries so tourist has the opportunities to travel beyond County. Because its saves their time and money as well. However, the best way of cruising can be by bringing friends and families on Board . Now in India its
became a trend to organize marriages on Cruise. 
So these are the cruises, which are running in Indian sea with their best amenities. If you wish to Travel by Cruise in Indian sea than For more detail please contact us 

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