What to see in India

What to see in India? This question is itself very big as India. There are more than thousands things to see in India which are completely different from each other and that is the reason that’s why one need to visit India many time or need to stay for long time. The more you understand India, the more you found. ’’That is India’’. There are many amazing and beautiful thing to explore like Beautiful landscape, Amazing cities, Diversity of language, faces, culture and traditions. It is really difficult to explain by writing only because the real beauty of learning about India can be done only by travelling. So dear visitors let’s try to explore India with me India.


1 Amazing Cities and States

India has many multi-cultural cities and state like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata and Chennai but still there are some cities, which have the same essence in its land and existing almost 100 years back like Rajasthan, Jaipur, Udaipur, Kerala, Goa, Gujarat and many more. It is obvious that quite difficult to visit all at the same time but I promise that Once to visit all, you soul will feel the truth of life and the real values of our culture and traditions. So what are we waiting for, let’s explore some cities and state which need to see while exploring India.

Delhi ( what to see in India)

It is the capital of India and the main city where most of the flights arrive and departs. This is a very busy city and it’s popular as the heart of India. Delhi’s people are very kind hearted and helpful. There are many small shopping markets and bazar. The famous one is Chandni chawalk, Mina Bazar, Palika Bazar, Kamla nagar market, Sarojini Nagar and Janpath. The most amazing thing about this city is that you can find everything at a very cheap price. It has many beautiful Monuments like Qutub Minar, Humayun Tomb, Red Fort and Jama Masjid. All Embassies are in Delhi through which you can easily get the visa.

Mumbai ( what to see in India

A beautiful city which never sleep , You can explore it in day time or night time it has the same charm. This city has a big population and very popular for stock market and Bollywood. It has some amazing markets like Colaba and Crawfard market. But there are some other reasons for which this city became very interesting like Dabba wala (Food catering team), Dhobi Ghat (washer man area), full packed railway station, Local train and amazing old British style buildings. Overall this city has many things to explore so, its worthy to add in your next trip to India. 



Goa is India’s most famous state which is popular for awesome beaches and party. This place is highly recommended during Christmas and New Year. On this month all the hotel are fully booked and the city is in Party mood. You can find here all kind of hotels, Bars, Casino, shopping areas, food and massages Center. It has some beautiful churches and monuments to explore and also to visit some Old Portuguese houses. You can explore some natural waterfall and national park around Goa. Goan music and food is very popular all over India. It has carnival in month of February and some other festivals as well.

Jaipur (What to see in India)

Jaipur is the most amazing city of India. It has amazing cultural values and traditions. You will find here many markets like Bapu bazar and old Jaipur bazar. This city has some popular forts and palaces like City palace of Jaipur, Amer Fort, Jai Garh Fort and Wind Palace. You can enjoy some amazing mouth-watering dishes and some local drinks. It has also some wild life areas where you can find tigers and deer. The best charm of this city to visit it in the night time (Old Jaipur) because the whole part of this city is built with Red sand stone that’s why it became popular as Pink City.


It is a heaven for spice lovers. If you love Indian spices, Ayurveda, Massage, Fishing, Lite food and House Boat then nothing can be better than Kerala. It is the part of South India and there is an international airport, which is connected to many cities and countries. Kerala is also popular for its culture and tradition. There are many festivals like Onam and Christmas which are very popular in south India. In Kerala most of the people are Christens and have many beautiful churches. This part of India is full of Coconut, palm, Banana and spice plantations. If you want to explore this part of India you need at least 10-15 days. 


2 Beautiful Mountains

India has the highest mountain of the world, which are known as the guards of India ‘’Himalayas’’. Indian Saints use to go on Himalayas for Yoga and meditation. Nowadays, it’s a hub of camping and trekking. There are many activities to do around Indian mountains such as, Hiking, Paragliding, Jumping, Camping and trekking. One and enjoy the beauty of nature and also give some rest to onself in this fast life. Some popular mountains in India are Himachal, Leh e Laddak, but still there are so many so you can always take advantage to understand the Nature and wildlife of India. So let’s have a look on some Indian mountains.

Himachal (What to see in India)

These mountain ranges are in the North Part of India and very famous for Mountain culture and lifestyle. One can reach there from Delhi by train or Taxi. It is almost 500 km far from Delhi. Some amazing places in Himachal are Manali, Kasol, Shimla, Kullu, Dharamshala and Dalhousie. These places are popular for camping and trekking. It is the best place for Honeymoon and family travel because it’s not much expensive and easy to reach by cab or private taxi. The most famous tourist place in Himachal is Manali and Shimla. So plan your trip to these amazing places. 



Leh and Laddak are the most popular tourist destinations for Indian and Foreigners. These mountains are famous for Bike trip and camping. The mountain here are not green and most of the time covered by snow. The best time to visit this area is April till September. If you plan a trip there then need to follow the guideline because in this part oxygen level fluctuates, so it is advisable to carry all mandatory things guided by the Government of India. However, all Equipment is easily available there. It’s is mandatory to hire a guide or a professional Driver cum Guide.


Kashmir ( What to see in India)

This is the Heaven of Earth. It is really a beautiful place to visit from April till September. Kashmir is world-wide popular for beautiful mountain and Dal Lake. There are many house-boats, so you can stay there at a very reasonable price. Some places around Kashmir are, Sonmarg, Gulmarg and Srinagar where domestic airport is available. Kashmir is approximately 700 km far away from Delhi and one can reach there by Car, Taxi or Flight. People of Kashmir are very polite and humble. It’s a cool place so one needs to carry winter clothes, good shoes and Gloves.


It is one of the best places in South Indian where you can enjoy Trekking, camping, cycling and explore some amazing waterfalls. This place is 4 to 5 hour drive from Kochi and the same distance from Madurai city. Because it is located in South India and being a unique location so many tourists from Mumbai and Chennai come to enjoy here. It is popular for High quality Tea Gardens, so you can see ho to produce Indian Tea and you can buy as well. This place is a hub of Indian wild life which is protected by the Indian Government. One must stay there at least two days.

3 Religious Places

India is a religious country which is based on Indian mythology. All Indian people follow Indian ancient culture, tradition and rituals from 10,000 BC. Actually the base of Indian religion is Vedas which are written in Sanskrit language and has highly importance in Indian daily life. Indian people chant Mantras which is in Sanskrit language, in every temple and other religious place you can see saints chanting Mantras because it has a hidden power to enlighten our soul.

We as Indian believe in ‘’Karma’’ mean, whatever you do you will get soon or in the next reincarnation. We all do believe in it and it’s true. If you are a foreigner and reading it, you may not feel what exactly what I feel but trust me just come we us on a short tour and you will feel the reality of life and the truth of life. You may be running to ask question to yourself that why we born? Why we live? What to do? What is the purpose of life and where do we go after this life?  Believe me you will find the all answers in India. So let’s explore some religious cities of India. 


Varanasi ( what to see in India)

This city is the soul of Indians. Once you enter here your soul will feel the inner peace and you will come to know the truth of life. The holly river Ganges flows here, which is believed to be brought from the Heaven by the Bhaghirath (Indian Man) to purify the soul of his Grandparents. In this city you will see and learn the core meaning of life and if you need to more, than you must visit some old temples and meet the priests. Obviously need to understand Hindi language but no worries we are here to help you.

Rishikesh and HARIDWAR

These two cities are close to each other and just 5 hour drive from Delhi. Both has important role in Indian Mythology and always full of religious people and saints. The holly river Ganges also flows here and it is the place where people come for holly bath and cremation. We all Indian believe that until your ashes not come in Ganges water its will never get (Moksha) Liberation. So Dear visitors it’s a must visit place in India and I can bet you will learn a lot from these two cities. You can reach there by early morning train which departs at 6:30 am from Delhi. What to see in India


4 Indian Markets ( what to see in India)

India has most amazing markets and bazar. Where ever you go in India you will definitely find many beautiful markets. Actually Indian people do a lot of shopping because it’s our culture. There are main 4 cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai in each corner of the country. In all these cities there are amazing markets. So let’s explore some of them am try to understand what to buy? When to buy? How to buy? Please keep in mind that without bargaining it’s impossible to buy anything because it’s in our blood. Indian doesn’t buy things without Bargaining. J So let’s have a look on Indian Markets.

Chandni Chowk(Delhi

It is located the Old part of Delhi and very popular in all over India. Actually this is a whole sale market when one can buy thing in bulk. Just because of that so many buyer and sales person come here for Business deals. This market is very close to Red Fort and Jama masjid and that’s why always crowded with thousands of people. On Sunday it remains closed but still opens many shops. It is not only one markets, actually when you go inside you will find here spices, cloths, electronics and many more things. I mean you can get anything ‘seriously’’ obviously not plane. J So happy shopping

Chennai Flower Market

It is an amazing market and located in the center of Chennai. You can buy many things here but today we are bringing you in flower market. This is an early morning market, so be ready to wake up early and visit it. There are many verities of flowers but South Indian People (Champa and chameli) the most popular here. When you walk in the street you will feel the awesome smell everywhere. Note- It is always full of people and over-crowded some time, so need to be careful. Because some time water on the street so you can slip over there. Beside this flower market there are some other markets at the same place. What to see in India


Kochi spice market

Kerala is the best place for buying Indian spices. Here we are talking about Kochi spice market, where you can get some fresh spices. Indian people use a lot of spices in daily meal and without it we feel like the food is taste less. However, Spices are very good for health and Indian people use it in many medicines. Kochi market is very nice because you can get many types of spices which later can be distributed in all over India. The best part to buy here spices is that you will get fresh and cheap. This market is located near Fort Kochi.

Colaba Market (Mumbai)

This market is really amazing, when you are in Mumbai. It is a must visit place and located near to the Gateway of India and other famous Buildings like Taj Mahal Hotel and CST station. It looks amazing in the evening time and full of people. There are few Bars and restaurant so you can spend your evening with you friends and family members. You can buy here ladies stuff and artificial Jewellery. Basically it’s close to Mumbai port and Gateway of India so became very popular. We advise you to book a hotel around this market so you can enjoy evening time. 


5 Indian Culture

India is world-wide popular for its culture and heritage. We are not talking about one culture, actually within India itself there are many cultures and still we are united and enjoy all cultures as it’s ours. For example Rajasthan’s culture is completely different from Kerala and Goan culture is different from Kolkata or Assam, so there are awesome culture and heritage from which we learn a lot and most of them are based on our Indian mythology. So let’s explore some Indian cultures and heritage.

Rajasthan's Culture

Rajasthan is popular for its folk culture. It was a land of Kings and royal families so that’s why it became very famous. The local people here has a unique dress code like a white shirt and Dhoti (like pant), on the top or head they wear a red color turban, which is amazing. Here people love local dance and this land enjoys many festivals like Holi, Diwali, Garba and Tej. It’ cuisine is awesome and mouth-watering. However, it is much spices but amazingly testy. If you are a foreigner the please be careful before eating or inform them in advance so they make it less spicy. Overall, the Rajasthan’s culture is very nice and vast. What to see in India

Goan Culture

The Goa culture is a mix or Portuguese and Indian cultures. Because they used to live here and still many Indian’s hold Portuguese passport or connected with Portugal. Here people speak Konkani language and the second language is Hindi but most of the Goa people speak English very well. This place has many beautiful beaches so People usually wear lunghi (like pant) and shirt. Most of the local people eat fishes and rice or chicken and rice. They drink a lot alcohol and feni (a local drink). Goa celebrates Christmas and New Year with joy and happiness. Every February Goa celebrates carnival as well.

South Indian Culture

It is one of the most famous parts of India which is popular for Ayurveda, Massages, Indian spices and tea producing. South Indian culture follows the all rituals of Indian ancient mythologies. They follows Vedas and religious books and using and reading in daily life. South Indian people usually eat fish curry and rice or chicken with rice. They usually wear shirt and Lunghi (kind of long towel) and Ladies wear sari. South Indian people uses Coconut oil in daily meal and rice is very important for them. So many festivals and rituals starts with donating rice or cooking rice and later offering to God. In this part of India people are very calm and relaxed and they rarely got angry.

North Indian Culture

North India culture is very vast and different because it is divided in different regions. For example Rajasthan’s people wear Dhoti (Kind of white towel) and shirt and ladies wear Suut and salwar( See Image). But if you go in Delhi you will find ladies wear jeans and shirt and men wear Pant and t-shirt. So North India has many cultural differences. But somehow looks similar to each other. It is also based on Indian mythology. To be very honest it is impossible to explain Indian culture in few words. You really need to come to India and live here for few days and you will understand everything without explanation. I hope you got my point.

6 Indian Festivals

There are countless festivals in India but today we are going to discuss about few of them to just get the idea or to understand the theme of Indian festivals and culture. Basically North India and south India has different festivals and rituals but few festival which are celebrated throughout the country. Some of them are like Diwali, Christmas, Holi, Dussahra, Raksha Bandhan. As I said these are just few of them but Believe me you will be amazed after attending Indian festivals. It will allow your soul to feel the peace of togetherness and cooperation. So let’s understand the values of Indian festivals and learn how to celebrate them. What to see in India



Diwali is the most amazing festival of India, which comes in the month of October or November according to Hindu calendar. As I have already explained that all Indian festivals are based on Indian mythology, so this is also based on it. We celebrate this festival because on this day Lord Rama return form Jungle after 14 years with his wife and brother. It was a no moon night so people illuminated that night by burning mud and oil lamps everywhere in the city Ayodhaya. So from that day it became a tradition and still we are following. It is said that on this day Godess Laxmi comes to our home and bless us. So first, we pray in the evening time and later we distribute sweets among friends and families and enjoy burning fire-crackers.


If you really want to enjoy Indian culture and tradition then you must come to celebrate this amazing festival Holi. It is a festival of forgetting all disputes and hugging each-others. Behind this amazing festival there is story, which belongs to Indian mythology. Once upon a time there was a king who got some special power from God that no-one can him. After getting this power he became so cruel and started killing people. He had a son who was against this act and started praying God to fix him. But the king became angry on his son and wanted to kill him. 

Later, he made a plan, actually king had a sister named Holika, who had power that fire cannot burn her. So king asked for help from his sister and requested her to sit in fire with his son, so his son will be killed but not Holika. Later she did the same but his son started praying of God at the same time and God saved the son but she got burnt. So later God came and killed the King as well. So from that time till today we follow this tradition and burn our ego in the fire. On this day we set-fire and make wooden holika and by putting her in the fire we celebrate it. On the next day we play this festival with color and water.  What to see in India



This is a festival for winning over demon. According to the Indian mythology Lord Rama killed Ravana (Deemon) on this day, so from that day till today we follow this tradition. On this day we make a statue of Ravana and burn with fire-crackers. It’s a very simple festival but has a huge meaning. This festival comes in the month of October.

Raksha Bandhan

This festival is dedicated to all brother and sisters. On this occasion Girls tie a band on brothers wriest so God will protect him from all hurdles in life and Brothers also promise to protect them forever. It is a very simple festival and comes in the month of August. On this day it is mandatory that a sister has to meet brother and brother has to stay at home. It’s a national holiday in India.

7 Wildlife

If you like adventure trips then you must come to India to enjoy wildlife safaris. There are many wildlife parks in India where you can explore thousands types or Birds and animals. The famous parks are, Ranthambore, Jim-Corbett, Sarisca national park, Keolado National park. Even if you move to South India then you can explore Periyar and Munnar. 

8 Fort and Palaces

A trip to India is incomplete without Indian forts and Monuments. There are numbers of Forts and palaces in India like Red Fort (Delhi), Agra Fort, Mehrangarh Fort (Jodhpur), Amer Fort (Jaipur), City palace Udaipur and Jaipur city Palace. These are just few examples but there are plenty of Palaces, museums, forts and castles in India. Indian people used to live like a king in the ancient time so for protecting their wealth from enemies they have built these forts. For enjoyment they built many castles and palaces. So it is the most recommended part to visit in India.

9 Indian villages and their lifestyle

Have you ever been in Indian Villages? No, Then you are missed a lot of things. Today I am going to explain a bit about Indian village life style and culture. Firstly, in village they don’t cook on Gas. They use hand-made stove and burn wood for making or cooking everything. So the food receives amazing smell. Secondly, People wear simple clothes like (Kurta and Payjama for man) (for ladies sari). In villages of India people do hard work a lot in Field. Their houses are very simple but they clean it twice a day and very maintained. There are less TV and still people uses radio to listen news or cricket matches. Actually there are many things to see in Indian village life, so please contact us for more detail.

10 Indian cuisine

If you start writing about Indian cuisine you need at least 3 months or more because there is a long list to prepare. Indian people are amazing cook from the ancient time and they were using a lot of spices. Actually spices are not spice, only the Red chilly is spice which people use a lot in India, so because of that everyone blame all spices. Dear reader Indian cuisine is very aromatic and tasty. Some famous Indian dishes are Shahi Paneer, Chicken Biryani (Rice and chicken), Tandoori chicken (Cooked in mud oven), Biryani, Indian bread, Palak Paneeer and many more. The best way to learn Indian cuisine to come to India and we can organize a 10 or 15 day tour for cooking classes. What to see in India

11 Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are the best gift of God for human being. Yoga makes our body perfect and the meditation make you inner soul perfect. The best place to learn both is India from where both are originated. It is mentions in our Indian Vedas that how to follow both to get the liberation and inner peace. There are many places where you can learn them but the best place to go in Himachal, Varanasi or Kerala. Most of the Indian are aware of them because they start learning from childhood. In most of the Indian school there are special classes for yoga and meditation. But if you want to know and learn about yoga please contact us so we can organize a perfect tour for you.

What to see in India