‘’Bharatpur’’ This is the best place for Bird lovers. It is a World Heritage Site. The history of Bharatpur is very interesting and belongs to, Matasya kingdom. In addition, the Matasyas (dynasty) were allies of the Pandavs in the great Mahabharata war. Moreover, according to the Indian history, the origin of the name Bharatpur came from ‘’Bharat’’, the younger brother of Lord Rama.

In addition, in the starting of 18th century, Maharaja Suraj Mal captured the fort of Bharatpur and laid the foundation for Bharatpur. In short, the Maharaja was very keen to expand the cities and creating building and forts. The Pleasure Palace Complex at Deeg that shows the kingdom strength.

In conclusion, Bharatpur is one of the world’s best-known bird watching destinations. There is Keoladeo Ghana National Park, which is dense jungle. There is an old Shiva Temple,.this 29 square kilometer man-made wetland is known for migratory birds like, raptors, ducks, geese, waders, flycatchers. In this park there are more than 370 species, Keoladeo Ghana National also host the Siberian crane. 


Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur

Every year, thousands of migratory waterfowl birds like green cranes and sandpiper visit the park during winter. Because it is the perfect place for birds. In the middle of 18th century it was as a small reservoir 5 kilometres to the southeast of Bharatpur.  There is a Dam as well, the construction of the Ajan Bund (dam) and the subsequent flooding of this natural depression led to one of the World most fascinating and spectacular bird reserves. This National Park is one of the richest bird areas in the world today.  Because of its natural beauty and diversity of bird, thousands of tourists come to visit every year.

Band Baretha

Band Baretha is an oldest wildlife reserve centre in Bharatpur. However, currently it is under the administration of the Forest Department of India. Maharaj Jaswant Singh started the construction of the dam on Kakund River in 1866 AD and Maharaj Ram Singh has completed it in 1897 AD. Then Maharaj Kishan Singh built the palace inside the reserve and it is the private property of the Bharatpur royal family. Band Baretha is a bird watcher’s paradise because of over 210 species of different birds, including the Black Bittern.


Deeg is a beautiful garden town, which is situated in the north of Bharatapur. It has many palaces and famous for its forts, gardens, palaces, and fountains, the highlight of Deeg is an amazing fort surrounded with moats and gateways. Raja Suraj Mal built this fort and stands over a slightly elevated point. The interiors are almost in ruins, but the watch tower containing a gun still maintains watch over the city.

bird bharatpur
bird keoladeo

Lohagarh Fort

A completely match to its name, Lohagarh Fort (loha mean Iron) is the witness of britishers attacks, but was ultimately captured by Arthur Wellesley. The fort is surrounded with a moat which used to be filled with water to keep enemies out. Some interesting monuments inside the fort are Mahal Khas, Moti Mahal, Kothi Khas, and Kishori Mahal. Raja Suraj Mal built the Jawahar Bhurj and Fateh Bhurj to commemorate victories over the Mughals and the British.


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