Dolphin watching tour Muscat

Dolphin Watching Tour Muscat is one of the most adventurous excursions of Oman. This tour is perfect for all kind of age travelers like kids, families, groups, couples and old age people. In addition there a certain guidelines from the Government which everyone need to follow (More Info with Bellla India). It is a very safe tour and you will explore turtles, Dolphins, different type of fishes and some time you have chance to see whales in Oman sea. The coast of Oman is has a variety of dolphins and whales. There are around 19 different species, including the blue whale, which are rarely anywhere else in the world.

On this tour, our staff will transfer you from your hotel to the dock, where you can take your boat and set out in search of these friendly creatures. However, no one can guarantee that you will see dolphins on every trip, because it’s a part of nature which is beyond our control. This will be a pleasant experience exploring the sea of Oman, where you will try to find dolphins. If you are lucky enough, you may also spot a whale. We advise all explorers to wear life jacket once you board and later please follow the guide or the pilot instructions.


What to see on Dolphin Watching Tour Muscat

1 Dolphin, Turtles and fishes

On this adventurous tour you have opportunity to see amazing dolphins, Turtles and different type of fishes. However, sometime we see whale in the sea as well. Oman Sea a little bit warm which is perfect for dolphins and other animals. There are different types of Dolphins in the Oman seas, for example, Bottle nose dolphins, Common dolphins, Spinner and others. You can also see green turtles if you are lucky. In addition, you may also see Tuna fish, sward fish and squids as well.

Oman Sea is full of fishes because there are restrictions on fishing in certain areas. As we know you are in a speed boat so please be sited and follow pilot or guide instructions. There will be soft drink and water on board so enjoy tour short trip. After exploration of dolphins you will pass through some beautiful hotels, mountains and monument as well so let’s read what net will you see.

2 AL-ALAM Palace

It is one of the main attractions of Muscat and Oman. This place is an official palace of His majesty in Oman. However, visitors are allows to come close to it and they can take beautiful picture. This palace is surrounded with some ministries. The visit of this palace will take around 20 to 30 minutes because you can go behind the palace as well. It will be a nice walk around the palace. In addition, there are always royal guards, which protect the palace.  During our Dolphin Watching Tour Muscat you will explore the palace from the behind. You will reach there in your boat and you can click pictures. You will be there around 3 or 4 minutes and later proceed for Boat yard.

3 Shangrila Hotels

It is one of the popular and luxurious of Oman. This hotel is a bit far from Muscat city centre. It is also one of the most expensive resorts of Oman. You can enjoy a pleasant stay here and their services are just awesome. Actually, It’s a chain o three hotel which is categorized in 3 hotels which a close to each other AL-HUSN, AL-BANDAR AND AL-WAHA. They have also amazing restaurants inside and amazing pull as well. Once you finish exploring dolphins then you will be back and on the way of your left you will see this beautiful hotel. However, it depends in which part of see you are going to explore because sometime you need to go far to explore dolphins, so in that case it will not possible to see it. But in addition, you can see the Muscat tourist Port and cornice.

4 Al-Bustan hotel

This is one of the most expensive and popular hotel of Oman. It was used as the palace of His Majesty but nowadays it is open for tourist. It has amazing rooms and private beach as well. As it is located at a very nice place so, you can enjoy your privacy and luxury. This Al-BUSTAN-PALACE means the garden or hotel in the garden. It has some popular restaurant inside which are popular for Chinese, Indian and Arabic food.


These are the two Portuguese forts which were constructed by Portuguese between 1607 till 1648 when they ruled this area. But now a nowadays there are the administrative offices of Muscat Government. It is amazing to walk around and click beautiful pictures there. However, nobody is allowed to visit but from outside you can click pictures. Near to these forts there is a very beautiful blue mosque, so don’t forget to click. During this DOLPHIN WATCHING TOUR MUSCAT you will see them just from behind the palace which is the perfect place to click them.

6 Mountain with cruise ship names

Once you are behind the palace of his majesty, there is a mountain of left side on which there are more than 200 name written there of different ships. When ships used to come there nobody was there to record their name so they started to write their ship name of this Mountain. So once you explore it, you can read some popular cruise name there. As it is the last stop so later you will go back to the dock yard. While going back don’t forget to see Portuguese Tombs with white color, which comes on the right hand side of driving


Pick up timing -for Dolphin Watching Tour Muscat

1 All our tours include hotel pickup within Muscat.

2 We organize daily different pickups, so we need to create the route of our operations. We will provide you a pick-up time, so please be ready at the time given because we have different guest waiting in different hotels so request all to follow the timing.

3 The vehicle would arrive at given time, unless it was due to unavoidable circumstances, such as traffic or any delay.

4 The vehicle would wait a maximum of 10 minutes for the guest, so that other guests at the next pick-up point would not be delayed

5 We encourage you to provide us with a local contact, email or mobile phone to inform you in advance.

Local customs and general information

Smoking is prohibited Oman

Before photographing local residents, ask for their permission.

It is not allowed to photograph local women.

Times are likely to change during the holy month of Ramadan. Contact our representative for updates.

Best time to see Dolphins in Muscat

The best time for dolphin watching in Muscat from September till April or may. It is advisable to take a dolphin watching trip on a bright, sunny day, as dolphins are less likely to come out of the water on a cloudy day.

Essential tips for dolphin watching in Muscat

  1. Usually we have two time slots between 8:00 in the morning and 12:00. The first strip always offers the best view, so try to book the morning one.
  2. Most dolphin watching tour Muscat packages take place in the Marina Bander Al Rowdha region. However, be sure to check the boarding area in advance.
  3. As this is a day trip of 2 to 3 hours, so bring your summer wear, such as sunglasses, hats, etc. with you.
  4. Make sure you carry your binoculars and have your cameras always ready to capture perfect shots.
  5. Don’t forget to bring your passport or ID with you on the day of travel.
  6. There will be water and soft drink on the board, so enjoy a worry free trip.

Dolphin watching in Muscat is sure to be a memorable experience not only for young children but also for people of all ages. These extremely playful and social creatures are a real treat to watch. Hop on a cruise and enjoy the excitement amidst these marine creatures and you are sure to brighten your day.

Playing-fishes-in sea

About Dolphins

Dolphins are intelligent animals with complicated social behavior. The first years of a baby dolphin’s life are spent in observing and learning everything from her mother and from her other elders. They learn everything from sailing to traveling to new areas, hunting for different species of fish and even social skills. This is why researchers are studying the cultural differences in dolphin schools around the world. Just as it is known that the herds of killer whales from different areas have different dialects, the same happens with other cetaceans and their habits. It is necessary to remember that dolphins lived in this area for millions of years before the arrival of man. And who lead rich and busy lives.

We need to provide you with information about dolphins and that they have a lot of priorities and sometimes need your privacy and space. Here below are some examples of dolphin behavior you may witness on one of our dolphin house excursions. Dolphins are champions in catching fish and it is a pleasure to be privileged to see their strength, speed and agility in action. When dolphins feed, we always observe from afar. This is a good time for surface observation and zoom photography.

Sleeping and resting of Dolphins time

Dolphins also need time, around 8 hours a day, to rest and sleep. Dolphins and whales have the unique ability to sleep with only half of their brains resting at a time. Since dolphins breathe consciously, which means they have to actively decide when to breathe, it is simply not possible to be completely unconscious in order to sleep. Just only turning off half of their brains and alternating sides, they can get the rest they need and keep emerging for some fresh air. As shown in the photos below, bottlenose dolphins usually stand in a line formation and swim slowly while taking slow, deliberate breaths. These photos show the classic pod geometry that is typical of their sleeping behavior. When we find a group of dolphins in sleep mode, we will turn off the engines, observe from a distance and let the dolphins pass undisturbed.

Playing, Socialization and Mating

When dolphins are in a sociable and playful mood, they are full of energy and exuberance. Social time usually begins spending together, rubbing their pectoral fins. Sometimes dolphins and younger children play with each other, throw a sand dollar, play chase each other with a piece of seaweed, and even fight each other. Some of these behaviors even mimic the mating behavior of adult dolphins. This playful moment is the time when they are most likely to interact with humans and will often seek out boats to sail. Dolphins are intelligent and their behavior to human is based on curiosity and spontaneity. Sometimes they can’t resist bowing or just saying goodbye to their old friend, “Patty C.” The following photos show dolphins flirting, playing, mating and socializing.

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