Elephantastic ( Jaipur)

Elefantastic is one of the most loving activities to do in Jaipur. One can enjoy the unforgettable time with Elephants is in this park. However, choosing this activity you can do various other activities with the Elephants, like Feeding elephants, Painting on Elephant’s, Bathing them and yes the most important thing spending your half day time with them.(around 4 hours) There are many other tours available also like city tour, full day tour, village walking tour.

Moreover, the activity starts around 10:00 am (depends on season). There will be straight drive to this Park, which is approximately 20 Kilo-meters from Jaipur. Upon arrival at the park there will be an amazing welcome and then start the activities, playing with the happiest elephants in Jaipur in a lush green environment that will surely amaze you.  However, Basanti (elephant name), whose smile will warm your heart, Sakenia, that is as playful as a toddler, or Jaya with eyes that will make you feel love. In conclusion, we are sure that you will love visiting this place as much as elephants love living here. 


What activities to do there

You can do some activities with elephants like, Firstly, Painting on the elephant. Secondly, bathing the elephant and thirdly, elephant ride at park and in village, fourthly, feeding to the elephant. Later you can see clay pottery making and cooking for the elephant. (All activities depend on the time of arrival and weather condition T &C.(Non refundable activity).

Bear rescue farm (Agra)

The Agra Bear Rescue Facility (ABRF) is inside the ‘’Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary’’ 17kms north of Agra on the Delhi Agra Highway. The facility sits on 15 acres of land, under Uttar Pradesh Forestry Department. However, there are currently 131 bears living a new life in the sanctuary. ABRF is manage as ‘’Free the Bears’’ Fund partner in India, Wildlife SOS. The center employs 3 veterinarians, 29 keepers, 2 cooks and ground staff.

Moreover, as each rescued bear is reaches into the center, they cut the rope and treat the wound. They also give appropriate painkillers and antibiotics for much relief to the bear. Then they keep bear in a quarantine area where a healthy diet of wheat porridge, seasonal fruits given. Also they serve multigrain bread, honey and feed additives provide to the bear with a composite scientific diet to bring it to good health. During the quarantine period (minimum 90 days) they monitor the bear’s overall health carefully. The treat bears for potential tuberculosis and leptospirosis and also vaccinate against rabies.

In addition, once the quarantine period is completed, the bear is moves to a large socialization pen. Here they learn to interact with other bears and to deal with wide open spaces and trees to climb. After this, the bear is then moves to one of 7 enclosures within the sanctuary, to finally enjoy, it’s new life of freedom and quality.