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Travel agency in Amritsar, Dream your holidays without any stress with Bella India Tours because there is a team of professional behind your trip. We design our tours in a way, so you can experience the destination differently. You’ll get the personal assistance, attention and ease of things that you are looking for, while enjoying the UN miss able experiences. Discover why Bella India tours have been trusted of 7000 guests and are proud to deliver the very best tours that you’ll cherish for years to come.  With Bella India Tours the only best travel agency in Amritsar; you just have peace of mind knowing that we’re in professional hands which is taking care of everything on a journey. Our motive is only to provide you a worry-free travel services.

Bella India Tours is feeling proud to served more than 20,000 customers with its awesome tourism services in India and across the world. In addition, with Bella India Tours you’ll also enjoy risk-free and flexible booking terms and a perfectly managed trip with 24/7 assistance. You can get the very best experience of every place you visit. Every tour is designed with a depth of culture and tradition, crossing off the must-explore destination. Each trip is handcrafted with the help of passionate team to bring you unbeatable experiences.  Our connections in every destination make our team capable to manage any kind of tour plan. We always try making a positive impact on the places you visit so we can support local tourism. Finally, thank for choosing Bella India Tours the most valuable travel agency in Amritsar.


Our Services

Family Trip

There are many different components when it comes to planning family holidays. After choosing the dates and destination, you still have to choose a hotel, find flights for the whole family to rent a car or look for other transport options and plan meals, excursions and activities during the trip. But once you choose Bella India Tour you will forget all the stress and leave all the plans in us. It’s a lot of work, so all-inclusive vacation can be a good option for those moments when all the preparation for the trip seems too overwhelming.

If you are someone who loves to explore a destination and get off track that Bella India tour is the best travel planner for you.  All-inclusive packages include food and drinks in your resort, so if you eat elsewhere, you’ll pay extra in addition to what you’ve already paid for. The same applies to tours and activities outside your resort. But if you are looking for a relaxing escape from everyday life, where you don’t have to think much about the different options, this can be a good way to go.

Group Travel

The energy of organizing a group trip is hectic and everyone talks at the same time, excited by the possibilities of an exciting adventure with good friends. Explore the world with a group of friends to enhance your travel experiences with Bella India Tours. Group travel is just solidifying the journey of friendship. From planning different things, booking a car, ticket, hiring tour guides, group travel has become easy to coordinate and enjoyable with Bella India Tours. When you set expectations from the beginning, everyone can have fun and enjoy the friendly time being together. Remember over the years how much fun it has been, you’ll want to plan for the next one. Bella India Tours is just a fantastic group travel organizer for all kinds of ages. We also take advises from our travelers and customers so that we can organize a perfect travel experience.

Leisure Trip

Bella India Tours organizes personal or leisure trips where you are free to refresh, rejuvenate and rewind, whether it is a full safari in Rajasthan or rocking in a hammock under a palm of the Maldives. Our leisure travel planning professionals make all the stops, putting the same effort and the same support to the booking power in planning your personal vacation as we do for corporate trips. Bella India Tours can book several packages including cruises, tours, resort trips, spas, special adventures and more. The same purchasing power, transporters and property relationships are available when traveling for pleasure and business. Our personal travel planning services include air reservations, accommodation, ground handling, transportation and guide services, etc. Travel Documentation: Our internal visa forwarder can help coordinate the requirements for traveling abroad.

Friends Travel

Planning a group trip with friends or family can be a lot of fun. With Bella India Tours group tours, you can see new places, create memories and create links between them. It is also a great way to get to know other cultures and traditions around the world. One of the most significant advantages of a group tour is that you travel with friends and family. You can create new memories and experience new places together. It is not frequent to spend days together, exploring and laughing enjoying a much needed rest from the demanding realities of everyday life. Traveling with friends and family is a fantastic experience that will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. It is always cheaper to share the cost of accommodation, food and transportation with your fellow travelers.

Trekking Trips

Trekking is a fun and relaxing way to experience the outdoors with friends and family. When you take a walk, you can explore places in nature where roads cannot reach. Put your worries about time, work and other stressors behind you and regain your sense of wonder. It is always an amazing experience reconnecting with friends and travelling with them on a journey. If you have never walked before, you may be intimidated by the idea. Perhaps you are concerned that you are not in a position to walk. Maybe you are worried that you will get lost and will not be able to find the way back. Rest assured – there is a walk there for everyone. Walking is not a race to the finish line, but a low-impact training that consists in enjoying good company and immersing yourself in the beauty of nature.


Arrival and Departure

Bella India Tours offers Airport Meet & Assist services, arrival and departure at major airports in India.  We offer you a personalized and fashion concierge service (Meet & Assist, concierge, stay that will give you a crack-free slip through the airport, whether it is arrival or exit. Most fliers agree that one of the most stressful experiences of flying involves going through pre-boarding and post-landing security checks and other formalities at airports. What if there was a solution to your air travel problems?  Yes, there is really an expert who can help you rediscover the joy of flying again is Bella India Tour, the best travel agency in Amritsar. Our Meet and Assist services are designed to make the elderly feel at home here on the floor. A family friend or a corporate client who may need help, for them our representatives will ensure a taste of pure hospitality.

Business Travel

Bella India Tours, business travel management service providers offer services to help companies create optimal and effective travel organization processes. Providers help guide companies to the most favorable airline ticket, hotel, car rental and travel accommodation insurance on an ad-hoc or continuous basis. These services ensure that corporate travel is well organized and on a specific budget. One can negotiate travel costs and connecting companies with established partners for travel discounts.

Many providers also offer financial consulting services when they analyze a company’s average travel cost to improve the travel organization processes implemented. Bella India Tours the top class travel agency in Amritsar, often use business travel management services to get the maximum return on investment in travel expenses. Suppliers identify savings methods by analyzing the travel and tourism market to provide travel plan information to customers. Many suppliers are involved in partnership programs, giving companies access to special discounts for suppliers.

Educational Travel

With Bella India Tours you will have the great opportunity to participate in studies that connect you with the real world. Students traveling with us come back with a great sense of accomplishment and a broader understanding of their studies. When teachers want to take their students to a new travel experience. They are exploring a specific topic, Bella India Tours can help design the perfect trip for their needs. Some of our customized tours include: History, Art, Music or Drama Tour of Europe.
Bella India Tours will design a custom itinerary to suit your interests, whether it be performance programs, art tours or cultural immersion. Our discovery tours include visiting sites along the amazing Trail and getting to know the West Pioneer’s journey. Also, visit the sites of Native Americans of importance and learn about their past and present cultures. With our educational tours, we will learn, study science and learn about marine species and the human impact on their environment.

Honeymoon Travel

Beautiful India Tours says that, it is essential that you set a budget and then plan your honeymoon to avoid your trip down the hill. Also, find out how much you can afford to spend and then start saving for your honeymoon fund. On the other hand, schedule planning, while most couples are not happy to plan their itinerary up to a T, it is always best to plan some activities well in advance to use your time intelligently. Also, try to do something new together to celebrate your life as a new couple. Once you have established a budget, you can choose a destination of your choice. Discuss your preferences with your better half to avoid unnecessary conflict. In addition, account should be taken of the fact that local prices continue to change according to the seasons.

Train and Bus ticket Booking

We are one of the most recognizable names in the railway travel agency nationwide in Amritsar. Bella India Tours also offers bus services to smaller communities that cannot have access to the rail service. BIT is unique with its “excellent Service”. These buses are designed to gather customers from Bella India Tours who need transportation to train stations in more rural locations. This convenient and convenient service is limited to customers who have purchased Bella India Tours tickets. Most routes are served through modern city buses. It operates in conjunction with Bella India Tours and their train schedules to ensure customers get to their trains on time. These buses offer reclining seats, individual lighting and onboard bathrooms.

Tour guide services

Beautiful India Tours guide will travel and accompany guests throughout the route. A tour guide in India must have a valid driving license from the Indian government. They must compete, and an examination and undergo 6 months of theoretical and practical training. A guide or a companion will help you with the entry and exit registration in hotels. A guide you explains the history of the monuments, places, culture, traditions and customs of the Indian people. Our guide will be at your disposal all along the way. The price of the tour guide will always include the costs of your accommodation and the food. In addition, you can get the best tourist guide services with the best travel agency in Amritsar.


Our Expert Team

Bella India Tourism is an international consultant specializing in strategic and operational planning in all aspects of destination management.  Our team always brings together teams of experts with the right combination of skills and experience for the project in question. Everyone knows the challenge of providing workable solutions in complex environments. Our main team of senior consultants is supports with a large international tourism specialist. For more information about our team work, recent projects and our team of collaborators, please visit our website. A network of tourism experts is works in 10 countries to bring together a perfect team that will offer the best thinking in strategic planning.

The expert group shall be considered to be a permanent working group, open to the participation of stakeholders. It has provided that it has a thematic link to sustainable travel and tourism in the Indian region and is interested in promoting them. Our team of tourism experts meets when needed, but at least two meetings a year (spring and autumn). They provide advice and assistance to the Tourism Center of India and recommend actions related to basic skills. Our team aims to support the tourism industry of India. The objective is to maximize the positive impact of the tourism sector. Our team supports and is responsible for the implementation of sustainable tourism. In addition, this team also provides guidance and recommendations for future project proposals for a better tourist experience.

What to explore in India

One of the first questions when planning a trip to India is simply: where to go and what are the best places to visit in India? It is difficult to answer this question because of the size of the country. With all this in mind, you can make a decision about your favorite travel destination. If you prefer to discuss this with our magicians and travel gurus, plan your trip with us. We will help you to plan the ideal itinerary with the perfect places to visit that suits your interests and needs. In the next article, we want to give you a good understanding of your options. We hope that it will help you understand what are the popular regions. which are not so touristy and all the many delights and challenges of these regions.

With the best travel agency in Amritsar, you can explore the amazing places in India. It can be a family, friends or group travel. India is one of the most populated and popular country in the world. It will amaze you with some incredibly different geographical terrain. From deserts, idyllic beaches, rugged mountains, wildlife exploration, lush green plains to colorful and vibrant cities. India has a combination of everything and everything that makes it an amazing tourist destination. Most of the trips we have planned include one, two or even three geographical elements. You can rarely escape the history/culture and places of worship in India. In fact, almost all of our trips include regular raids into these categories. Moreover, it has rich and ancient history with their architectural influences to the deeply religious and spiritual culture of India. And you have one of the best attractions in India.

Question and Answers

Best time to explore India

The best time to explore India is during winter, between November and March. Delhi, Agra, Varanasi, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are ideal this time of year, and temperatures in Goa and Central India are still comfortable. The southern heat is never less intense, but it gets stuffy in May and June. Moreover, you must explore Tamil Nadu and Kerala between January and March. Since September, the monsoon has shrunk much from the north. But it takes a few months before the clouds completely disappear from the southern end.

What to eat in India?

Northern Indian cuisine is the typical style you would expect to find outside of India. Josh Rogan and Chicken Korma both come from the north, also known for his love of flat bread such as CHAPATI and NAAN. TANDOORI (clay ovens) are also popular, where dishes such as TANDOORI chicken and dairy products play an important role in daily cooking. Indian Cheese PANEER is often used as a vegetarian alternative in many dishes and curries are often served with yogurt.