Yoga and Wellness in India

India is a land of cultural plurality and rich ancient wisdom. It is also known for traditional systems of medicine that view health and well-being in a unique way. There are many reasons why India is popular in the world. Firstly, the Indian system of ayurvedic healthcare is famous worldwide. Secondly, over several centuries, innumerable systems of natural medication are surviving and flourishing in India which aims at synthesis between life and nature, without taking help of artificial or chemical elements. Thirdly, as the world turning to healthier lifestyles, this is becoming an important tourism sector. So let’s explore some amazing places for yoga and wellness in India.

Some famous cities for yoga and wellness in India

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Some cities for yoga and wellness in India


Varanasi is one of the beautiful City of India. It is not only famous for spirituality but also popular for yoga and wellness. So, let’s explore why Varanasi is a famous city. Firstly, your visit to India is incomplete without visiting Varanasi because it is the cultural gems of the country. Secondly, it has an elaborate history and high importance
in Hindu mythology. Thirdly, this is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world with many religious places where devotees coming from across the world.

In addition, It is an ancient and peaceful city which is close to Varanasi at a meeting point of holy river Ganges. Everyone believes that Lord Buddha come down over here and preached his first sermon which was about the middle path of Nirvana and the followers of Buddha increased even after his death. Most importantly, there are many monasteries and stupas here. However, when the Chinese traveler Xuang Dan came, there was a 100 ft stupa of Lord Buddha in Sarnath and was the most important seat of Buddhism and because it is an important place for Buddhism religion so we can see many pilgrims throughout the year.


It is spiritual city of India because of its religious values. In addition, this city is at the bank of holly river Ganges and is important in Indian culture. Many Indian and foreigners come here to studying yoga and meditation. Temples and ashrams (centres for spiritual studies) can be seen everywhere. This city is alcohol-free and
vegetarian. However, Meditating at the banks of the holy river mother Ganges and breathing fresh air in the Serene mountains of Himalaya is a dream of many yogis. The Majestic Mountains and the Holy River Ganges make it an ideal destination for yoga and spirituality. There are many Ashrams for learning Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, and Meditation. There are yoga places, Ashrams, Meditation centres and Retreats camps.

Ananda, Uttarakhand

It is one of the former palace of the king of Tehri-Gahrwal, makes way for a 100-acre of luxurious retreat. It is  with peaceful forests and overlooking the holy city. However, the retreat of choice for the wellness from both within India and abroad. You can choose a wide-range of wellness goals from anti-ageing to vitality. Their award-winning 24,000 sq ft spa is definitely will amaze you. This is a Great place to rejuvenate physically and spiritually.

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Isha Yoga Centre, Tamilnadu

The Isha Yoga Center is at the foothills of Velliangiri region on the outskirts of Coimbatore. It is the base centre for Isha Foundation. It is a place for self-transformation, where you can come and dedicate time towards your inner soul. The centre offers all main paths of yoga, gnana (knowledge), kriya (energy), karma (action), and(devotion), drawing people from all over the world.

It teaches you about the importance of living a healthier lifestyle and that the power to do so lies within you. Your daily routine starts with a dip in the teerthakunds, which is good for yoga and meditation. Healthy vegetarian meals serve twice in a day. Sadhguru is the founder of Isha Foundation.

Soul and Surf, Kerala

This wellness retreat is a unique concept. As the name suggests, here you’re encouraged to find your soul while riding the waves. You can choose to start your day with yoga on their rooftop platform while enjoying the stunning view of the glittering Arabian Sea or opt for surf lessons instead. This is followed by a bustling communal breakfast in their garden, which is a great time to connect with other guests and meet like-minded individuals from all parts of the globe. Regular musical gigs, bonfires and independent surf films night are all part of your stay at Surf & Soul.

Somatheeratham Ayurveda Centre, Kerala

Ayurveda is the great soul and essence of Somatheeram, which is providing Ayurvedic treatment through the traditional way for more than 30 years and also popular as ‘The Ayurveda People’. This is an ancient Indian medical science which Indian were using thousands of years ago and still we believe in it and famous in the world as the first Ayurveda. They offer an assortment of therapies and treatments along with yoga and meditation classes and an Ayurvedic vegetarian food diet for a holistic healing programme. It also provides a day trip packages if you want to explore the local sights.

Spa Alila Goa

This resort is near the beautiful Majorda beach. Their tour package is superb for anyone experiencing stress, digestive disorders, allergies, arthritis or intolerance, fears or phobias, as well as skin, weight, fertility or respiratory issues. They recommend their program to anyone looking for inner peace and happiness. Detox programs are available seven, 10 and 14 night packages. Any yoga wellness tour must be at least 7 days to 30 days and it is completely depends on your health condition and Doctors suggestions. This kind of treatment one should book at least 3 months before the arrival at the destination.

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Yoga and Wellness in India

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