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Travel agency in Jaipur, we Bella India Tours is a very well established travel agency in Jaipur, India. The setup of BIT is started from New Delhi Office and now a day we have offices all around the world. Why choosing BIT. Firstly, we always focus on quality tourism services in India and Asia as well with professional tourism expert team. Secondly, Our customers are highly satisfied and strongly recommend Bella India Tours.

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Our vision and values

Bella India Tours has the vision to become the leading and professional agency that specializes in Asian countries for the leisure market. Being one of India’s largest travel agency and tour operator, we offer the widest choice of destinations from the mainstream to the exotic ones. We time to time explore new destinations and venture into opening the roads less travelled. BIT consistently review and revisit existing ones with new itineraries and experiences. We commit in maintaining a strong marketing and communications link with our customers and business partners. We are a reliable travel agency providing quality packages at value-for-money prices. For the past 10 years, we take pride in satisfying and surpassing our customers travel need. 

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Firstly, Bella India Tours specializing in affordable and valuable tours for your dream vacation including, Indian and Asian destinations. Secondly, with over 10 years’ worth of happy customers, no one comes close to BIT for perfecting the holiday experience and understanding the real travel needs of customers. Thirdly, holidays are just better with people you know and once you travel with Bella India Tours you will feel the real meaning of travel.

What to explore in Jaipur

Amer Fort

It is a historic hilltop fort overlooks the city of Amer (popular as Fort). It was the capital of the Rajputs (Indian Tribe) from the 11th to 18th centuries. The construction began in 1592. Maharaja Man Singh, a commander of the Emperor Akbar’s army ordered to build it. For making this beautiful fort they have used pink, white marble and gold embellishment. Here designs are a unique blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture. There is plenty to see in the palace complex as you move from courtyard to courtyard, each leading to more private and opulent rooms, as well as temples, gardens and terraces. The first is the many-pillared Diwan-i-Am, the Public Audience Hall. From there, enter through the beautifully painted Ganesh Pol (gate) to the fort’s private interior apartments.

The walls of the Sheesh Mahal are covered in an intricate mosaic of fragments of mirror and stained glass. It is one of the treasures of Amber Fort, which surprises visitors with the beauty of Belgian cut glass. Apparently this room was made by the Maharaja so that Maharani (queen) could see the stars at night, as he was not allowed to sleep in the open air. When the candles are lit at night, the room appears to reflect thousands of stars from the walls and ceiling. Other interior rooms include the Jal Mandir, or Hall of Victory, which features sculpted marble paneling, a mirrored ceiling, and sweeping views of the fort’s walls. Sukh Niwas, the Hall of Pleasure, is a marble room that has been skillfully cooled with water. Here the Maharaja would relax with his ladies.

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HAWA MAHAL (Wind Palace)

There are numerous palaces and forts in Rajasthan. However, this state of India is popular for its architectures and monuments like fort and palaces. In this state all architecture has its own history and grandeur. The interesting fact about wind palace is that it represents its elegance and the reason for such an amazing design. However, the palace is build with pink and red sandstone. It has a blend of Islamic and Indian architectural style. The art sculptures and structure of wind palace stands in the middle of the City in its elegance. Wind palace is a unique and popular must-see tourist spot in Rajasthan. 

City Palace

The City Palace of Jaipur was built between the years 1729 and 1732. It shows the picture of the rich culture and heritage of this extraordinary state. Jai Singh II commissioned the work of this palace, especially the exterior walls of this large building. He moved the city from Amer fort to Jaipur due to population growth and water shortage problems. In addition, people says that a Bengali architect, Bhattacharya, who designed the palace complex according to Indian Style.

The beautifully palace is still in well condition and ranks among the top attractions in the state. City Palace complex consists of various palaces, pavilions, temples and gardens. There are a series of entrance gates leading to the palace complex, such as Virendra Pol, Udai Pol, and Tripolia Gate. The first and second are open to the public, but third is for the royal family only. Moreover, highlights of City Palace are Crown, Chandra and Mubarak Palace, Dev Temple, Maharani Palace, and City Palace Museum.


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The ruler of JAIPUR JAI Singh built the astronomical observatory in 1729. It is one of the most accurate pre-modern observatories in the world and testifies to 18th-century efforts to improve understanding of the planets. There are five observatories in northern India (the others are in Delhi, Ujjain, Mathura and Varanasi). JAIPUR observatory is the largest and the best one. Unfortunately, the observatory began to deteriorate rapidly after its construction.

Some of the tools are still using to predict the weather and harvests. These include constellation and meridian observers and a giant sundial. This observatory is in the administrative heart of the city. It is also popular as a public park and open-air museum. However, the site began to deteriorate once again due to weathering, vandalism and normal wear and tear of the materials. Finally, with Bella India Tour the best travel agency in Jaipur you can get a complimentary tour guide.

Nahargarh Fort

Maharaja Jai Singh II was the founder of Jaipur city in the year 1734. He built this fort on the majestic hills mainly as a destination for retirees. The majestic Fort is connects to the famous Jaigarh Fort from one end of its walls to the other. According to the legends, the building of the fort was with the spirit of a prince of Rathore named Nahar Singh Bhomia.

However, the spirit of Nahar Singh Bhomia became calm, when Jai Singh built a small fort inside the fort and a small and beautiful temple for prince. Later, in 1880, Maharaja Madho Singh rehabilitated the fort in the pouring rain. He ordered Raj Imarat (person who was in charge of the manor’s construction projects) to design an amusement fortress within the fort. The city architecture has elegant interiors, murals and stucco motifs.


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Jaigarh Fort

One of the most beautiful and large fort of India is Jaigarh. There are some qualities which make it so popular. Firstly, this fort is among the best forts in the City. It is sturdy and similar to the Fort Amer in structural design. This is popular as Victory Fort. Secondly, it is 3 km long in a north-south direction and 1 km wide. Thirdly, it has a cannon “Jaivana” which was made in the precincts of the fort and is largest cannon on wheels in the world. Finally, This Fort connects with Amer Fort as well from the other way of passages within a single complex.

Historically, in 1726, King Jai Singh II commissioned this magnificent building to protect Fort Amer. However, it is a sumptuous structure, cradle at the top of the cliff, border with vegetation and enormous battlements. This magnificent fort connects with underground passages to Fort and is famous as the “Fort of Victory” as it was never conquered. In addition, the fort currently houses the largest wheel cannon in the world and offers magnificent views.


Moreover, it is a nice place to visit especially for children and families. This was opened in 1877 and is located near the Albert Hall Museum and Ram Garden. In addition, it has two parts: one for mammals and one for birds and reptiles. Here you can see around 50 different species of birds and animals from all over the world. In 1999 the Alligator kennel was founded, the fourth largest kennel in India. Moreover, there is also a Museum inside the zoo showing the wildlife of Rajasthan. This Zoo is under the Wildlife Act of India. The main goal of the zoo is to integrate the national effort in wildlife conservation. 


What to eat in Jaipur

JAIPUR’s food is heavily influenced with its rich culture and tradition, with dishes that are spicy, spicy, tasty and simply irresistible. However, typical local dishes involve heavy use of milk and yogurt, and as fresh vegetable is scarce considering the area’s arid climate. In addition, you will find a massive use of grains and legumes. Some typical dishes are ‘’GATTA MASALA’’, a curry made with chickpea flour dumplings, or the famous DAL BATI CHURMA (lentil cream accompanied with round bread). In addition to regional specialties, in JAIPUR you will find a new wave of contemporary cafes. Moreover, there are chic restaurants of international and local cuisine, but be sure to try the experience of eating street food, practically on every street corner.


If you want to try some authentic street food, but are afraid of eating at any unfamiliar stall, then head to MASALA CHOWK. It is a new street food destination in JAIPUR, an outdoor food court in Ram NIWAS Garden. Amazingly, you will find a series of stalls selling typical Indian street food, such as SAMOSA or CHOLE BHATURE. But also South Indian dishes such as MASALA DOSA and UTTAPAM are very popular here. MASALA CHWOK was born with the intention of attracting tourists who want to try street food in a familiar and pleasant environment. It has gradually transformed into a favorite meeting place for the inhabitants of JAIPUR. Importantly, to enter the MASALA CHOWK you will need to pay an entrance ticket of INR 10. Bella India Tours the best travel agency in Jaipur will recommend you some amazing street food places during tour.

Rice in traditional RAJASTHANI cuisine

The basis of the Indian meal is almost always rice. However, the best known quality is certainly the basmati with long thin and fragrant grains. There are at least 86 different variants, which differ according to the area of production. Its name in Hindi means Queen of Fragrances and is traditionally grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. Amazingly in Rajasthan, when a bride enters her new home for the first time, she places a bowl full of rice on the door jamb to wish her happiness and prosperity. In addition, Alexander the Great was one of the first to introduce this tradition to Western culture. Later they replace the bowl after the celebration of the wedding, as a sign of good omen for the couple. However, after its introduction in Europe, rice is also considering for a long time as an exotic food.

In India, rice is always the first food which offers bride to her husband as a symbol of wealth and fertility. However, it is also the first solid food that is given to children for weaning. When a child enters school for the first time, his parents perform a rice ceremony in honor of SARASWATI, the goddess of wisdom. According to AYURVEDA medicine, basmati is the noblest of the various qualities of rice, allowing it to nourish the body’s tissues without weighing them down. In short, in India, rice is not just about food, but involves many aspects of Indian culture, of which it is an inseparable element.


The tandoor, oven of wonders

In many countries of the Middle East and South Asia it may happen to eat the bread of traditional local cuisine. It is usually a bread disc that varies according to the flours quality. In India it is usually popular as CHAPATI. Usually, it they cook it on TAWA. The baking of the latter type of bread usually takes place inside a large clay oven in the shape of a cylindrical bell, the TANDOOR, where the dough is attach to the walls. It is the base of the oven, wood or coal burns and feeds the heat. This ancient cooking method allows the foods inside to get directly heat of the flame.

The temperature can reach 480 ° C, and to eventually undergo the smoking process. Two of the most famous non-vegetarian dishes of traditional RAJASTHAN cuisine are chicken TIKKA and chicken TANDOORI. To prepare it we need to divide the meat into small pieces and marinate in yogurt with a mixture of spices. Later on use skewers to placing them in the mouth of the TANDOOR furnace.  The TANDOORI chicken instead, which uses in the oven owes its name, is left almost whole, marinate in yogurt with MASALA, a mix of spices like, garlic, ginger, paprika and cayenne pepper, which give it a particular bright red colour. Then roast the chicken inside the oven and serve with rice or Indian bread.

Where to eat in JAIPUR

Where to eat in JAIPUR: Peacock Restaurant You must know that the Pearl Palace Heritage has a little brother: Hotel Pearl Palace. It is not far from it and an alternative if it is full or if you want to spend less than it is for you. But the most important thing you need to know is that on the rooftop there is one of the most popular restaurants: the Peacock Restaurant. The environment is very beautiful, Indian-like, with awnings that cover areas. The menu is amazing and with a lot of choice of dishes from various cuisines in addition to the local one. There are always a lot of people to enjoy their food, so I recommend that you book in advance. Especially at dinner

Prices are normal as per Indian standards. Not the cheapest of my trip to India, but the dishes are plentiful and an evening here is truly un-miss-able. If you are lucky, you will also catch some Indian musicians who will accompany the time you spend here with traditional songs and music. Finally, know that if you are staying at the Pearl Palace Heritage, your dinner reservation also includes free transport from the hotel to the restaurant.

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