Culinary Trip in India

Culinary Trip in India, India is a unique county when we talk about food, Amazing spices, Different cooking methods, Old cooking style with new experiments. You will never feel boring if we talk about Indian food. Indian people love food and cooking as well. They serve food with love and passion, During your culinary tour You will have cooking classes, Different types of food testing, learning about Indian food, visit of some traditional places for food tasting and learning. Each class includes meals and the food presentations and tours, you will learn about the best ingredients and spices to use to make a perfectly traditional, or wonderfully innovative, Indian meal. Classes might include- 

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Private Cooking Classes in Delhi

In India, Food industry is a serious business and Indian cuisine is one of the most flavorful in the world. Because it is one of the largest countries and its cuisine is quite varied, but one common theme is that layering of different spices that create a rich flavor in any dish profile. It combines different kind of sweet, sour, savory, and spicy in it and there are many vegetarian and meat-based dishes available in Indian cuisine.

During your cooking tour in India you might visit with artisanal craftsmen, or harvest food with a local farmer, or sit down to dinner after preparing it with your new friends. Along the way, you’ll experience everything from bustling cities buzzing with activity to tranquil rural countryside untouched by modernity. Our Indian cooking vacations include accommodations in deluxe hotels, hands-on cooking classes with local chefs to explore the regional cuisine, cultural excursions with knowledgeable guides, and of course simply
amazing food.

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Dishes you learn while touring in India

There are numbers of dishes in Indian cuisine, But we have selected some most of the common and tasty dishes which you are going to learn while touring in India like, Shai paneer, Dal makhni, malai kofta, Dosa, Idly, Chicken Tandoori, Indian Basmati rice, Indian Masala tea, Indian salad, Indian Lassi, Mutton, Different type of fish, Indian chapati, Some sweets as well.

Please contact us for more Detail because its completely depends on what you wish to learn,So according to your need we will do all arrangments.

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Culinary Trip in India