Thailand tour packages

Thailand tour packages, Thailand is a beautiful part of Southeast. It shares its border with Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar lies to the northwest. The long southern region, which connects with Malaysia, is mountainous and wooded. The highest mountains are located in northern Thailand. About 90 percent of the population is Buddhist, but about three million Muslims live in the south, near the border with Malaysia. They can attend high school for another six years, but their families have to pay for education. Children begin military training in ninth grade. Most Thai dishes are spicy and many common dishes include hot peppers, lemongrass, basil, ginger and coconut milk.
Thai farmers grow mulberry trees that feed silkworms. Silkworms create silk, which turns into beautiful silk dresses in Thailand, France and the United States. 

Bangkok is called the Venice of the East because there are 83 channels. Up to 10,000 boats filled with fruits, vegetables and fish fill the canals and create a floating market. The city of Bangkok is home to many impressive Buddhist structures with golden spires, elegant pagodas and giant Buddha statues. Rain falls almost every day between May and September. The humid and humid climate favors the varied and abundant wildlife in Thailand. Lotus flowers are common and the preferred flower in Thailand. Lotus flowers live on the surface, but are rooted in mud. There are many trees and shrubs with flowers and fruit trees. In the jungle, you can find carnivorous plants (carnivorous) such as the mysterious insectivorous pitcher plant.


Thailand tour packages

DAY 1 Arrive in Bangkok

Bangkok could remind many Indians of Mumbai with its lively city life dotted with traditions and culture. Bangkok Traffic could also be a reminder! Once renovated. The first place to visit on your arrival in Bangkok is the Grand Palace. Where the royal family of Thailand resides, and the nearby WAT Pho complex. Which houses Thailand’s largest collection of Buddha images and statues. Visit the palace gardens and the many temples open at dawn, when the crowd is small, while admiring the architecture is fantastic. Then, take a walk down the road to the WAT Pho complex to admire the famous Buddha statue and the surrounding temple grounds.

Finish your early morning enjoying a heavenly view of the city of Bangkok, from the top of WAT ARUN Temple, located near the Chao Phraya River. If you arrive just before dawn, the scenery is perfect on the opposite side of the river. Spend the afternoon going up and down the central pier on the Chao Phraya River in a water taxi. During Thailand tour packages, it’s not relaxing and cheap, but you get a good description of the important sites when you pass them. Spend the night on the way to KHAO San, the 24×7 activity center of the city.

DAY 2 In Bangkok

You will start this beautiful day with amazing, culture and adventure! Get to the famous KHLONG Lat MAYOM floating market in TALING Chan as soon as possible, about 10 km east of central Bangkok. Eating here is easily the highlight of your visit to Bangkok, as visitors can order dishes like noodles on the boat and fresh boiled oyster omelet on a small wooden boat. You can also take a boat tour and order while you are on it. Then continue enjoying your meal while your guide takes you to explain the history and culture of the floating market. However, it is an essential means of life for people here. Other things that are sold in the floating market. In addition to fresh vegetables, food and fruit are fresh flowers, home decorations, toys and clothes.

Exploring the floating markets takes about three quarters of your day, so once you’re done, go to your hotel to get some rest before heading out for dinner. Bangkok is also known for its party scene. So even if you’re not looking to dance all night in a club, look for a place with a beautiful view like the Vertigo. The Moon Bar to enjoy some great cocktails while you enjoy an amazing 360 degree view of the city.

DAY 3 In Bangkok

In the early days, the Grand Palace area was where Chinese traders used to trade; then they moved to YAOWARAT Road. Which is where the heart of Chinatown is located. Whether traveling alone or with friends and family, a stop in Chinatown is a must. The smells and sounds of this charming neighborhood are an exceptional sensory experience. For those visiting Bangkok for the first time, a full day in the maze of alleys and food peddlers in this bustling place makes a memorable last day in Bangkok. If spending the whole day here is not something you like to do. And if your visit coincides with the weekend (Friday to Sunday) in Bangkok, you could spend part of the day exploring the CHATUCHAK market.

One of the largest markets in the country, it is a paradise for buyers, and here you can find everything you are looking for! Once you have made purchases according to your taste, head to a good traditional meal to end the first stop of your 1 week in Thailand.

DAY 4 Bangkok to Kanchanburi

KANCHANBURI is located about 150 kilometers from Bangkok. Despite being the home of the famous World War II Death Railway. It is built from prisoners of war and pleasant retreats along the river, few people visit KANCHANBURI. Although it is just over two hours away from Bangkok. Since this 7-day Thailand itinerary has PHUKET on the list, it is best to visit KANCHANBURI and return to Bangkok, as it is easier to fly to PHUKET from Bangkok. Many gave priority to KANCHANBURI because of its proximity to the Temple of the Tiger, a controversial place where visitors could take pictures with tigers and pet them. However, over the years, many are now aware that it is inhuman to have animals treated this way and therefore prefer to visit KANCHANBURI now for its rich history and culture.

If you have the budget, depending on how many people are traveling with you. You should rent a private car to get around or opt for a day trip. Then go back to history and visit the bridge over the KWAI River. Some of you may have seen the film of the same name, the inspiration for which was this site. The bridge is equally charming at night when it is lit. Although there is not much to do around. Sometimes there are some street food stalls that you can eat here. If you’re looking to learn more about the conditions here during the war. The bridge and the terrible conditions of Allied prisoners of war during the construction of the bridge. The Railway Museum of Death is an interactive way to do so.

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DAY 5 In Kanchanburi

Once you’ve had breakfast and are ready to start your day. You can choose to climb the 157 steps to reach the top of the impressive WAT THAM SUEA temple. Once at the top, you will be rewarded with spectacular panoramic views of the rural KANCHANBURI. If the excursions are not for you (even if it is worth it), head directly to the JEATH War Museum. It sheds light on the state of KANCHANBURI before the World War. The museum is open from 8:30 to 18:30. 

The roof of the museum offers a beautiful view of the bridge over the river KWAI from above. Spend the second half of the day exploring tourism, recently inaugurated MALLIKA R.E 124. Perfect if you are tired or have children, this city comes together to show people’s way of life during the reign of King Rama V. Moreover, it brings to life the architecture of those times. You can also enjoy street food, local fruit and even buy souvenirs to take away from here.
If spending another day in the museum is not to your liking, the ERAWAN waterfalls are an hour away and are among the best waterfalls in Thailand. A waterfall with 7 levels, the green waters of the sea may recall one of the KUANG Si waterfalls of Laos. Return to Bangkok the same day or the next morning, depending on how much you enjoyed the place and would like to rest.

DAY 6 Kanchanburi to Puket

The next city for your 7-day trip to Thailand is in southern Thailand, the territory of the island of PHUKET. Since this is a quick trip, the flight + taxi option will take about four hours to get to PHUKET. Spend your first time away from the bustling beach town of KARON. Then visit the island’s most famous attraction and an excellent vantage point for the Great Buddha. If you can’t get away from exploring, visit the historic area of PHUKET’S Old Town, which not only has great architecture. But also many cute cafes and boutiques where you can spend hours on foot. If temples are your favorite attraction, WAT CHALONG is PHUKET’S largest Buddhist temple that supposedly houses a Buddha bone fragment. These attractions help to get away from the beach and enjoy the culture of the island.

If you want to enjoy the nightlife in PHUKET then you need to head to BANGLA Road. where you can visit any of the clubs for a pleasant evening. Inexperienced visitors must book a full day to visit the PHI PHI Islands, located about 50 kilometers from PHUKET. This charming group of six islands rises above the water showing its incredible limestone cliffs. To save time, rent a speedboat to take a look at all the islands instead of the slow ferry. If you want a relaxing trip, select an island of your choice and spend the day diving and swimming on that island.

DAY 7 In Puket

Here comes the 7 days in Thailand, it seems ideal to spend the day relaxing in the Pearl of the Andaman Sea and explore coastline on its own terms. Visit KATA Beach or NAI HARN Beach to spend some time under the shady palm trees with just a few vendors scattered to keep you company. If you are in PHUKET to go from island to island, rent a speedboat or opt for a tour that will take you from island to island through PHANG NGA Bay. James Bond Island (from KAHO Na PYARR HAI and the fame of James Bond) is located here.

Coconut Island, KO Lon and KO He are some other islands you can choose to visit if you want to stay away from James Bond (officially KHAO PHING KAN or KO KHAO PHING KAN) and Phi PHI. If you missed the elephants and love wildlife, Green ELPHANT Sanctuary Park is the most ethical way to see these gentle animals in their natural habitat. Not only can you swim with them here, but also feed and clean them.

Final words about Thailand tour packages

After spending two days in Phuket, you can fly to Bangkok and get a connecting flight to your destination from Phuket International Airport. You can spend extra time in Bangkok. Thailand may seem like a place to mark off your cube list, but this place has such a varied climate, food. There are tourist options available to suit every type of traveler that a visit is not enough. There are destinations like Chiang Mai, KO Lanta, SUKOTHAI, Chiang Rai, KO Samui, Pattaya and Krabi. However, there are other places worth considering if you have more than 7 days in Thailand. Thailand may attract you with its food, wildlife and value for money. But I’m sure the warmth of its people will have to visit this paradise more than once in their life.

Thailand tour packages