Sandy is my name and I have five year experience of working in Indian tourism. In addition, our tourism services are excellent with reasonable price. Moreover, I am 24 x 7 available for any question regarding your upcoming tour in India. I was born and raised in Delhi. Many years ago, I decided to continue my career in the tourism industry in India. In short, I knew that was where my heart was and I decided to stay. I held various managerial positions in Indian tourism companies. which allow me to handle my Organizational and management skills. However, this allows me to provide continuous and efficient services to provide first-rate customer service.

In addition, what motivates me most is the constant search for the best quality and the most exclusive products. Spending countless hours cultivating these products and services and then merging them with our customers’ visions helps me. In conclusion, creating these unique trips of a lifetime is just my passion. Our customers’ grateful testimonials reflect the joy and happiness of having experienced the authentic side of India, is our highest reward. “

BIT passion

Our passion is for our guests to provide experience the unique cultures of India and Asia and learn and explain their epic stories. Our deep knowledge of India and Asia allows us to offer travellers not only visits of these countries, but also a deep understanding of these countries culture and their people. The motivation drives customer appreciation testimonials expressing gratitude for the experiences we have provided.

Principles of BIT

We like to make our customers feel like friends, a principle that has been part of our philosophy since the beginning of our company. Over the years, our circle of friends has grown thanks to the diversity of the services we offer.


We offer a wide range of services including bespoke vacations for individuals and groups, refined independent travel itineraries, award-winning honeymoons, destination weddings and private yacht charters.