Diwali (light festival)

Welcome to the land of festivals, India. There are many festivals in India based of Indian mythology. But the most popular are Diwali, Holi, Dusshera and Krishna Janmasthami. However, every festival is important in India but none of the festivals comes close to Diwali. It is the biggest festivals of India and probably the brightest festival of the world. People of many different religions celebrate Diwali with love and passion. There are some reasons of celebrating it. Firstly, the festival signifies the victory of light over darkness. Secondly, this also means the triumph of good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. Thirdly, it is known as the festival of lights. Moreover, there are bright -lights all over the country during Diwali. In this article, we will understand the religious and spiritual significance of this Indian festival.


Religious significance of festival

The religious significance of this festival has many differences. It varies from one region to another and method of celebrating as well in India. There are stories of many deities according to the Indian mythology, cultures, and traditions with this festival. The reason for these differences may probably harvest festivals. According to the Ramayana (holy book), Diwali is the day on which lord Rama return to his own house after spending 14 years in Jungle. This day Lord Rama returned to home ( place name) along with his wife. This return was made after Rama defeated demon King because he captured lord Rama’s wife. Moreover, Rama’s returned to his home town with his brother, who helped him to win over Demon. On the occasion of arriving at home town, people burnt oil lamp and distributed sweets. Since then, it became a tradition on India.

There is another tradition and story for celebrating Diwali. According to the Indian mythology Lord Vishnu as an incarnation of Krishna killed Narakasur, who was certainly a demon. This victory brought the release of almost 15000 captive girls. Moreover, the victory also represents the triumph of good over evil as Lord Krishna being good and Narakasur being evil. It is also dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, which is the belief of many Hindus. Lakshmi is the wife of Lord Vishnu and considered to be the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. According to a legend, Diwali is the night on which happens goddess Lakshmi wedding. In Eastern India Hindus connects this festival with Goddess kali. Some Hindus also believe that festival Diwali is the starting month of a new year. 

The spiritual significance of Diwali

On this festival many people try to forgive others for any disputes and start a new relation. Therefore, friendships and relationships get stronger on this festive occasion Diwali. This amazing festival brings love and prosperity in life. Hindu merchants believe to open new account books and also buy new car or home on Diwali. In the evening time everyone pray at home for success and prosperity. Everyone has to wear new clothes for themselves and for others as well.

This festival of light brings love and peace to all. On this day people visit each other’s houses to pray together and hugging each other and hoping for good future for all. In every home they cook and eat good meals, sweet and also enjoy fireworks in the night time because this day there is no moon in the sky and everyone makes the sky illuminating with fireworks. In conclusion, Diwali is a great festival of joy. One cannot imagine depth and the delightful contribution of this glorious festival Diwali. It is definitely one of the greatest festivals of the world.

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