Feeds, Firstly, Communications are excellent and we are very happy that the arrangements (tour confirmation, purchase of air tickets and travel insurance) were made in such a short time. Secondly, The tour information was excellent. Thirdly, A friend of mine who is a travel agent said she was very happy, as were us. So we are advising you to write feed on google. 

Tour leader and guides

Moreover, The ability to generate calls from animals and birds that could not be from him. of real animals and birds (and they felt the same way). He was also funny, personable, personable and extremely accommodating. More than five stars. In addition, he has extensive experience and knowledge in other areas, a constant source of conversation, information and pleasure.


In addition, I enjoyed everything, the variety of sites, climates, topography, landscape and altitude was immensely rewarding. However, the program was intense but not excessive but with sufficient downtime. A Very well planned tour and get away from the 




The accommodations and restaurants are good at all expectations and  excellent in all cases. Always comfortable beds, the staff were universally helpful, charming and willing to go out of their way to make everything work.


Having a lot of experience traveling in Africa, I was personally happy and pleasantly cool to see the high quality and performance of the vehicles. Federico (our driver and guide) is an extremely capable driver, one of the best I’ve ever seen.


The food in the lodges was excellent and varied. The choice of excellent restaurants and meals and our guide made sure I had extra avocado, one of my favorites in particular, on every possible occasion.

Would you recommend Bella India Tours?

I can’t know how excellent this tour was. Everything was perfect and I have to say it was the vacation of a lifetime. I will do my best to promote your company and your services.

Thank you so much for organizing the wonderful trip we took! “


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